Sunday, October 05, 2008

If The Buffaloes Can Stand By Their Calf, Can't Lulu Stand By RPK?

RPK will be brought to the Sessions Court, Petaling Jaya on 6th October for the commencement of his sedition trial.
Proceedings are scheduled to start at 9am, which means RPK can be expected to be brought in earlier.
Come with your family and friends to the court house in full force and reassure RPK and Marina that they’re not facing this ordeal alone.
Would be nice if he is greeted by a huge gathering of friends and supporters when he is brought into the court precinct.
That’s the least we can do for this man.

It's the least Lulu can do for RPK and the family.

And we the rakyat, will overcome this sick government, just as how the buffaloes overcame the lion.
out of love for a little one,
in unity against the bully
standing together standing tall.

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Anonymous said...

Been there everday, twice. Will be there till it's over.