Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lulu Want To Know Where These People Were

when DBKL replaced BM road signs with BM+Jawi road signs in residential areas kononnya for tourists
where were they?
disrespectful to Article 152?
where was he?

a cabinet decision was made?
only the national languange to be used?

ahem... who's politicising Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang's move to include other languages to the roadsigns at genuine tourist areas?

*roll eyes* these people really know no shame

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lulu Comforts The Insecure

Last night, Najib was interviewd over Bloomberg.
Lulu didnt get to watch it over Astro cos no Astro, but the interview made it to the media.

When asked if he believed in working towards the eradication of the NEP, an affirmative action introduced in 1970 to help bring bumiputras at par with other races in terms of business, education, economic participation and work opportunities, Najib had this to say.

“I am working towards a gradual liberalisation. In the not too distant future, we will see the elements of it,”
This was reported, not by just one media, but by Bernama, the Star and NST.
Even the Utusan intepreted it as,

"Saya sedang berusaha ke arah melaksanakan liberalisasi (unsur-unsur DEB) secara beransur-ansur itu apabila bumiputera sudah mempunyai keyakinan diri.
"Dalam tempoh yang tidak terlalu lama lagi, kita dapat saksikan unsur-unsur DEB ini akan diganti,"
This was something which Najib had said in an interview which was shown worldwide.
It sounded like the correct thing to say to an international audience.
But, probably, that statement and the intent brought about insecurity amongst those who obviously had not acheived that "feel more confident of competing with others domestically and global" phase.
The next day, his aide issued a statement clarifying the Deputy Premier had said there would be a “gradual liberalisation of some of the elements of NEP”, and not the entire programme.
Lulu suspects he must have received many, many sms-es from those insecure people, forcing his aide to turun padang to announce the feeble u-turn.

What those insecure fellas didnt realise is that with or without NEP, BN would always have an UMNOputera policy. They do not need to fear. The NEP today benefits the normal Malay in terms of education, discounted houses and a very well managed, profitable and we-do-not-use-the-money-to-bail-out-cronies trust fund. The NEP which makes Malays wealthy is reserved for the UMNOputera.
Those insecure fellas are worried about losing the NEP that has made some wealthy.
They fail to see that they, the UMNOputeras will still be taken care of.

Anyways, even if that is taken away from them, there's always the UMNO general elections, which according to Dr M and Rais Yatim, a delegate can make a lot of money from these proceedings.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Word Comment - Tell Lulu Who You Thought Of When You Saw This Piece Of News

Lulu has a feeling that one name will dominate most people's thoughts, and Lulu just wants to confirm her suspision.
one word comment only-ah for the guess.

Lulu Can't Make It To KLSCAH Tonight :(

DAP is holding a Public Forum: “Assassinating a YB” vs Press Freedom tonight at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Jalan Maharajalela, KL
The speakers include
1. Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary Leader
2. Khalid Samad, Member of Parliament
3. Haris Ibrahim, Lawyer
4. Azmi Sharom, Academician
5. Wan Hamidi Hamid, Senior Journalist
6. Teresa Kok, Selangor Senior Exco
aiyoh... if they were to set up fan clubs for the speakers tonight, Lulu would sign up immediately for xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx's fan club.
Can't tell you la, who the xxxxxxxxx are cos Lulu scared the non-xxxxxxxxxxxx get jealous.

Lulu can't make it tonight, cos Lulu has something else on tonight.
But if you wanna-wanna go, but
you're not in town,
worried about the jam,
scared in case SB take your picture,
dont wanna go alone,
have to jaga anak,
girlfriend expecting you to propose tonight,
you have open house
all is not lost.

Lulu's friend told her that DAP will be setting up a webcast so that you can watch it from home.
from wherever you are
free from the jam
no SB taking your photo
alone, not alone, who cares
anak can watch with you
propose to girlfriend, then immediately get online
open house and open your PC
There is hope for you to follow the ceramah!
Tune in at around 8pm.

As with all things, watching it live would be the best.
If you can make it, GO! GO! GO!
If not, web tv, kay.

Looking at the line-up of speakers, Lulu thinks it will be time well spent.
[even if it were just to swoon at the panel of very intelligent speakers]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If Lulu Were To Travel In A Time Machine

Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muh­yiddin Yassin proposed that the history of the social contract be included in the university curriculum.
“Many younger Malaysians do not know what the social contract is all about and yet we say that they have to respect this very important component in our Federal Constitution.”

‘Explain social contract to the youth’ - The Star

If Lulu were to travel in a time machine and go back to the 1957 and ask anyone on the street what they think this social contract is, Lulu thinks she would get a very different answer from the one that UMNO is now preaching.

btw, do you think Muhyiddin Yassin is trying to formalise into the minds of our young what this Muslim parent faced?
My daughter spent eight months in a national school before we had to pull her out. We had become increasingly alarmed at the type of racial-toned language she had started to use. Obviously she was being indoctrinated every day with the idea of racial superiority of only one community, hers.
How are we going to protect our next generation?
btw, do drop by the parent's blog, read her full entry and the comments that follows. She is not alone.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lulu's Contribution to 51 Ideas for a Better Malaysia ~ #8

Nizam Bashir initiated a blog project called 51 Ideas for a Better Malaysia on 30 August 2008. He then tagged Walski of MyAsylum to follow-up with #2 in the series; Walski tagged Michelle Yoon of I Am Malaysian, who passed the baton to Crankster of Cranskshaft, who tagged Pat Goh of The English Cottage. Pat tagged Paula Khoo of masterwordsmith-unplugged who passed the poison parcel to Antares of Magick River who thought that Lulu may have some bright idea.

Lulu's Idea #8
Lulu would like to say something chim like "Improve the quality of our teachers, the syllabus and examination standards", but Lulu's lulu. Her MP has expressed it well in his blog entry here which was also published in Aliran. He has given quite good pointers on this idea, and Lulu hopes you will go over there for a +1 idea from Lulu.

Lulu's idea would be to advocate cleanliness.

Lulu's not the neatest, cleanest person around. Trust Lulu on this. Take one look at her car and all doubts would go out the window.
But even with Lulu's low-low standards, she finds that cleanliness in Malaysia leaves much to be desired.

Ever looked at the backlane of your favourite food joint?
Ever been to the public toilet in Sungai Wang?
Ever got caught in a flood in the middle of town?
Ever looked at the road after the Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan march past?

You get what Lulu means, right?

Littering is unsightly. Not only that, rats come for the spoils. Rats bring with them all kinds of disease. Also, when they panic, they run helter skelter and sometimes, run over Lulu's feet.
Rubbish clog drains, and clogged drains will not let water flow through, increasing the risk of floods.
Filthy toilets leave Lulu very-very pucat if she had an emergency.

Does it have to be this way?
Lulu does not believe so.

We need to instill into our people the value of cleanliness.
And the cost if we dont keep clean.

The local council must maintain the cleanliness of our towns. Are there sufficient dustbins placed strategically? Is the bandaraya collecting the rubbish on the scheduled days? A tough one but are we willing to provide rubbish disposal for squatters? Is there enough funding provided to keep our towns clean?
Local council also has to play their role in enforcement. Makan places must abide by the rules, if not, then be fined. Fine the litterbugs too. There's nothing wrong with being a "fine" country, though we do like poking fun at Singapore for being so "fine".

And we, the rakyat, have our part to play.
Throw our rubbish properly.
Help dirty restaurants keep clean by reporting them to the authorities and boycotting them.
Be a good example to our children.

Lulu's sure you can think of a gazillion more ways which will lead to a cleaner Malaysia.
We all have our part to play.

Lulu's now passing the tag to a new blogger on the blog. The thoughts that he has posted on his blog thus far has made much sense, and Lulu would really like to hear his contribution for a better Malaysia. Take it from here, Chi Chang @ Analyst at Large!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lulu Remembers Another Illegal Society

After a series of interlocutory hearings over the discovery of documents that took more than seven months, the matter finally came before Justice Harun Hashim in the Kuala Lumpur High Court on February 4, 1988. The judge ruled that under the existing law he had no option but to find the party, UMNO, to be an unlawful society due to the existence of several unregistered branches — an illegal act under the Societies Act of 1966.
Means, Gordon P. (1991). Malaysian Politics: The Second Generation, pp. 3, 5, 29. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-588988-6.

Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (Baru) or UMNO (New) was formed after the sudden death of UMNO. Eventually the suffix "(New)" was dropped, and UMNO (Baru) became both the de facto and de jure successor of UMNO (with the old UMNO's assets handed over).

The UMNO that we see today is not the UMNO which was born in 1946.
Born in 1989, out of a power struggle and not struggle for kemerdekaan, they should be throwing their big time celebration to mark their 20th anniversary in 2009.

What was it Dr M said? ah..... Melayu mudah lupa.
Maybe not
In UMNO's case, it is a case of selective memory.

On the other hand, yesterday, Hindraf was declared an illegal society by one of the most un-respected politicians in our land. Curently, Hindraf isnt even a society but a common reference for a group of people who seek the betterment of the downtrodden Indian community.
Syed Hamid is trying to relegate Hindraf to the status of Voldemort aka ho-who-must-not-be-named. Kinda dumb, isnt it?

Haris is on the dot when he ponders How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining?
How do we stop people from caring for one another?
How can we stop people from taking care of the under priveleged and the downtrodden?
UMNO may not care.
Syed Hamid may not care.
But we do.
We care.

The only way to end Hindraf is to end their reason of existence.
The government has to put a stop to discriminatory practices against the Indians, or any other race for that matter.
The government has to give opportunities to who need that extra push in life.
The government has to learn to not oppress our fellow Malaysians.
The government has to get rid of ISA.
The government has to start caring for all Malaysians.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lulu Can Understand The "Would Also Be Used To ..." But

The Cheras Umno division has started a fund where the money would also be used to assist mosques and suraus that needed money to buy loudspeakers for the purpose of the azan (call to prayer).

The part that Lulu doesn't get is that the fund is also to help Utusan Malaysia defend itself against a RM30mil defamation lawsuit filed by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

for our friend (?) Datuk Syed Ali Al Habshe, his narrow little mind thinks that Teresa has challenged the honour of Malays by suing Utusan Malaysia as it is a newspaper owned by the Malays and that challenging the Malays is similar to challenging Umno.
for one, whilst Lulu does know that UMNO = Malay, Lulu didnt know the Malay = UMNO.
maybe what he was trying to say is that "Utusan is owned by UMNO, and UMNO feels insulted. And in spite of having received RM2bil from DrM to Datuk zzzzz..., we want to stir up your sentiments and take your money.".
Could that be it?

the other thing is, as a Malaysian [though not a Malay], like the folks in Utusan, Lulu is aghast at the blatant lie printed by Utusan. Some may argue that it is freedom of the press. But to print a blatant lie with a nasty agenda, then when caught with their pants down, launch a massive attack on Teresa, that is way....... too much. Lulu would have disciplined the wrong-doer, not go on a witch hunt.

Lulu just does not get this UMNO psyche thing.

Friday, October 10, 2008

hey Lulu... What About Khairy?

someone told Lulu, "thought Khairy would be in your dream team."

nah... Lulu getting a bit impatient.
Wants to see him kalah as soon as possible.
Want to see him rejected by UMNO youth.
Want to see him panic as he realises that the support he has had these years were actually really-really because UMNO is made up of a bunch of kaki bodeks, and these kaki bodeks were angkating him because he was the door keeper.
and the project giver.
and the contract man.
Never because of who he is.
he - Khairy Jamaluddin
not Khairy, the son-in-law.
May he be banished into a wilderness bleaker than what Mahathir's sons are faced with now.
May he look around and realise he is all alone.
and most of all,
May he repent of his old ways and be a truly new reformed anak Malaysia, remembering that he is, indeed, answerable to God for all the evil that he does.

Lulu Will Not Think Any Lesser Of You If You Spit In This Man's Face
PETALING JAYA (Oct 8, 2008) : MCA Klang division chairman Datuk Teh Kim Poo says he will write to the federal government to cancel grants totalling RM7.05 million for three new village projects in Pandamaran, in the Klang district, Selangor.
The grants which he had obtained while he was in public office involved RM6 million to upgrade the floodgates along Jalan Papan, RM750,000 for the Jalan Chinniah monsoon drain and RM350,000 to rebuild the Pandamaran basketball court.
He said he has also requested the federal government to stop funding the half-completed monsoon drain.
"I will also ask the federal government to withdraw its allocation for the Jalan Papan flood mitigation project, which has yet to take off."

Lulu is not a habitual spit-at-people's face person.
Lulu does not encourage spitting at people's face.
Lulu would, under normal circumstances, advise you to refrain from spitting at people's face. It's so yucky!

But spitting upon another person, especially onto the face, is a universal sign of anger, hatred or contempt.
And Lulu does feel anger and contempt of the highest degree to this sad, pathetic, lame excuse for someone claiming to be serving the rakyat, who prefers to see people's home flooded.

To think that this lame excuse who may or may not have the power, care-lessly say, that he has told and will ask the government to end projects which will mitigate flooding.
Fund have already been allocated, but because of his selfish pride, nasty ego and black heart, he is asking the government to take it back and he would rather see this

ptui! and Lulu hopes it hits his face.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lulu Says, Something Wrong...

There must be something wrong with us Malaysians.

Section 8(1) of the ISA provides three grounds given in Section 8(1) upon which the detention order may be based is where a person has acted in any manner prejudicial to the:
a) security of Malaysia or part thereof; or
b) maintenance of essential services; or
c) economic life

Look at these names
Lim Kit Siang
Yap Pian Hon
Karpal Singh
Kua Kia Soong
Hu Sepang
Lim Guan Eng
V David
Tan Chai Ho
Lee Chan Fei
P Patto
Kerk Kim Hock
Ibrahim Ali
Song Kang Swee @ S.K. Song
Sim Tong Him
Yau Jiok Hua
Muhamad Sabu
Khaled Abu Samad
Tajuddin Abdul Rahman
MohamadNasir Hashim
Wee Choo Keong
Mohamed Fahmi Ibrahim

all went in for ISA during Ops Lalang 20 years ago.
all in some point of their life became elected representatives of the people, either at state or national level.
Quite a number are currently serving as MPs or State Assemblymen.

Are we Malaysians habitually voting in people who are no good for the country?
Or is this ISA thingy a bad thing, allowing innocent people with dissenting views to be held without any hope for defense?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

... and Lulu Has Never Let Out A Stinky Fart In All Her Life

"I have never used my father-in-law’s influence for personal gain"
KJ 5th Oct 08

Flashback - KJ 2nd Nov 07
Khairy Jamaluddin says that being the Prime Minister’s son-in-law has provided him “protection” which he wants to use to change things for the better.
“If I don’t use this ‘protection’ to change things for the better, then I’m just wasting time and marking my time to go up the ladder of politics.”

If The Buffaloes Can Stand By Their Calf, Can't Lulu Stand By RPK?

RPK will be brought to the Sessions Court, Petaling Jaya on 6th October for the commencement of his sedition trial.
Proceedings are scheduled to start at 9am, which means RPK can be expected to be brought in earlier.
Come with your family and friends to the court house in full force and reassure RPK and Marina that they’re not facing this ordeal alone.
Would be nice if he is greeted by a huge gathering of friends and supporters when he is brought into the court precinct.
That’s the least we can do for this man.

It's the least Lulu can do for RPK and the family.

And we the rakyat, will overcome this sick government, just as how the buffaloes overcame the lion.
out of love for a little one,
in unity against the bully
standing together standing tall.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lulu's Dream Team

everyone's talking about the bn component party elections.
mca and gerakan will be holding their elections in this one or two months.
lulu's not too sure about mic's.
umno was supposed to hold theirs in november, but decided to prolong the agony till next year.
who's running. who's behind who. who is who's man. and so on. everyone is talking, eveyone has their own theory.

anyway, this is lulu's dream team.

umno president - who else but the originator of the keris waving and ugly words mentioned back in '87. now he is more known for his relations with mongolia, but lulu will always associate him with umno youth.

umno #2
Ali who thinks "Umno has ruled Malaysia for 50 years and they can rule for another 50 years more. And Umno does not need PPP, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Sabah, Sarawak or anyone else to do this" Rustam.
yup! he's da man!
with his sheer determination and positive thinking, he will steer UMNO to rule Malaysia on its own for another 50 years.

mca #2
The no-nepotism older brother, who tried to dissuade his younger brother, party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, from recommending him for a Cabinet post via sms-es.
yes. he will unite MCA and bring them to greater heights.
defending "chinese rights" *roll eyes*

wanita mca
who else but the cupid club founding president who brought along dancing girls for her elections ceramah.
with her at helm, we can trust that chinese women in malaysia, well, the mca kind anyway, would reach greater heights in la-la-land.

gerakan #1
already went to koh tsu koon, whom lulu thinks will be ideal in continuing to avoid the issues, smiling at UMNO bullies and frustrating the gerakan members in his inability to take action.

gerakan youth
the 38 year old budak who brought his daddy out to campaign for him.
The same one who, to quote chow kum hor, "lives with his parents as he can’t cope with the high cost of living in Kuala Lumpur". But then again, maybe chow got it wrong cos chow mistakenly listed him as a yale graduate, when he's actually a wales [university of wales??] graduate.

mic president.
who else, but he who gives us semi value.
with him at helm, we can rest assure that mic will fight for a greater share of the nation wealth for the indian population.
whether it is distributed to the indian population or to mic, or even in his name, holding it for mic, ah... that's a different question.

dream team.
with such a dream team, how can BN not fall.