Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Know What Lulu Would Do If They Took In Khir Toyo and Ahmad Ismail Under The ISA?

Lulu would still protest the usage of ISA.
To detain someone, no matter how badly he has behaved, without giving him an opportunity for defense, is wrong.

You know what they do to you in the 1st 60 days?
from wiki,
A person detained under the ISA during the first 60 days is held incommunicado, with no access to the outside world. Furthermore, lawyers and family members are not allowed access to the detainee during this initial period.

Lulu would still call for Khir and Ahmad [first name basis like so friend like that] to be freed.
Not because she likes them or believes they are innocent, like in the case of RPK and Teresa, but because the ISA is wrong-wrong-wrong.


Anonymous said...


right dare wit' thee,
have a nice sundae on desi!:)

Old Fart said...

But wouldn't Lulu be unfair? If Toyo and Ahmad Ismail are taken to ISA would they now not be going into their temple to finally worship at the alter of their great protector? It is after all, like the wrath of God, to them at least, is an instrument of fear.

Would Lulu deny anyone from worshiping at their chosen alter and house of worship?

Just as I will protest if Lulu were to drag me to her house of worship against my will, I would imagine these creatures too when they apply a little of their common sense, will agree that for all they have done, thier house of worship will be the most appropriate place to have their sins expropriated.

Lulu has to understand, the ISA may be a demonic place to you, and yet to some others like Toyo and Ahmad Ismail, it is their house of worship.

After all when they are in trouble, they do call on their house of worship to help them out. And it does help them out. They call upon their Lord ISA and their Lord does act on their behalf too.

And now, when it is time for them to finally go in to praise and worship their Lord ISA, Lulu wants to deny them? Common la Lulu, you not fair! No!!?

teMMe said...

thank you, lulu.
we need more people who think along similar lines as you.
it's true, the use of ISA & EO and any other forms of detention without trial cannot be justified.