Saturday, September 13, 2008

Please Do Not Threaten Lulu's Life Cos Lulu Don't Want The Police To Protect Her

Syed Hamid said the police had detained Tan because they had received information that her life was being threatened and there might be possible injury to her and the police wanted to get to the bottom of it.
see - if you threaten Lulu's life, the police will have to detain Lulu

Syed Hamid said the police thought it was best to get first-hand information from Tan and thus took her in under the ISA and released her a day later after they got the necessary information and found no reason to hold her.
and then, they won't let Lulu go home. They hold Lulu under ISA and they'll keep Lulu overnight to get necessary information from Lulu about whatever that caused people to threaten Lulu's life.

“I don’t think we are being unfair or that we mistreated her in any way. We acted professionally and after a day released her,”
and then they'll claim that they weren't unfair to Lulu or mistreated Lulu in any way though they come to Lulu's house, tell her she's arrested under the no questions asked ISA and later spirit Lulu off to an unknown police station. Yup! no unfairness, no mistreatment.

Asked why the police did not just ask Tan to come in for questioning instead of arresting her, Syed Hamid said it was always difficult when it came to the police when dealing with reporters.
Syed Hamid would probably say the same thing about bloggers too. So, maklumlah, they'd extend protection to Lulu via the ISA.

so please folks, no death threats, no bunuh dia to Lulu, kay?

and for good measure a "ptui!" to Syed Hamid for the incredulous statements he made.


myop101 said...

hmm, i wonder if anyone threaten syed albar, abdullah, najib and the rest of the ministers?

they sure need to be detained by ISA too for their own safety...

Hitam Had said...

Hey Lulu, don't "ptui" at him lah. Why you want to give your bodily fluids to him? Got DNA you know!

By the way, are you hoping that he will be put under the protection of the ISA if you threatened to spit on him?


Anonymous said...

Lulu, calm down lah don't "ptui" here "ptui" there. Bad for cleaniness lah. Just give them a long length of rope to play & they will slowly but surely hang themselves!

Going by the hairless moron's logic, they would have to ISA Pak Lah, Najib & half of the cabinet ministers!



wits0 said...

The Hairless and Pompous one should have continued the original family trade of selling snake oil instead of selling protective charm bracelets (aka steel handcuffs) today. That way, at least, less evil Karma is accumulated.

Anonymous said...

Syed Hamid has indisputably crowned himself as the most outstanding idiot in Looney Land Malaysian cabinet

charis14 said...

We must appreciate our authorities for their caring act of using ISA for protective custody. But not sure if this purpose is covered under the Act. If not, need to amend and backdate the law to cover for this honorable deed?

TomCat said...

Hey, we shouldn't call Syed Hamid stupid for making such silly statements. He is a trained lawyer who thought he wass right in detaining Ms Tan for her safety under ISA. He thought ISA stood for Incredulous Safety Act, having referred to his law books published by Mad magazine!