Friday, September 12, 2008

Lulu's Heart Continues To Break

Malaysiakini - Sin Chew journalist arrested
Sep 12, 08 9:38pm
Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng has been arrested today at 8.30pm at her home in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

For what?
reporting what a "friend of all races" said?
the "friend of all races" never denied the statement. even went as far as explaining to us the "historical" context.
She reported the truth, got death threats and she got arrested????
what sort of nation do we live in?
what sort of legacy/imprint will we leave our children? that we must never offend the powerful ones?
this is sick.

and in the meantime, the "friend of all races" is going to tour the country and explain to party divisions about the controversy.

and what was it our stupid lazy lying pm said the other day?
PUTRAJAYA: The media must not be afraid of honest reporting while upholding truth and justice, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
He said the media should also not feel apologetic when reporting the facts.
the Star - Uphold the truth, Abdullah tells media
there's even a video of him making the speech if you doubt the reporting.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....................lulu's VERY upset!

anil netto reports that
The Chief Minister’s political secretary is now believed to be at the station. About 40 reporters and others have gathered along Dickens Street off Penang Road now.
Lulu prays that not just her friends and colleagues are surrounding her, that God will send His angels to surround her and protect her from evil and harm.


Anonymous said...

simple parlance

"cakap tak serupa bikin".

sad, sad, sad day for Malaysia.

Antares said...

The Umno ship is sinking faster by the minute! Dr M, quick, jump on board and make it go down faster!

Bentoh said...

God bless Malaysia...

CK said...

i pray for her to be strong and protected.

i am furious but we have to stay calm. dun fall into their trap.

Anonymous said...

I don't know wat to say lulu except to show my big middle finger and spit on these sampah masyarakat UMNO goons everytime I see them.

Richard said...

I am getting really really really pissed off with this arrest. What has she done?

thinking said...

Amen, Lulu.

zorro said...

And if you think that is bad why don't you add Theresa Kok to the list...and maybe Haris Ibrahim too...or Zorro maybe...and what about those guys involved in the last Bar Council Forum..Zulkifli Nordin ...Mahaguru...

hey, Lulu wouldn't it be nice to meet up, once again, at Kamunting? We met first time at the Wharf, remember?

Who do you think is doing all this? My money is on Najib. He is the one who needs it most. Not Badawi.

Najib can see it going. Muhideen has thrown his lot with Razaleih no doubt. And Razaleigh is increasingly looking good. Najib Badawi is rotting flesh. So he picks up any other rubbish which like moss and mould is the baldie Syed Hamid Albar, in whose name all these ISA arrests are being executed.

And they got to do maximum before the 49 in Taiwan return.

I cry for my country.

zorro said...

Hey I am sorry..using Zorro's lap top and just realised that last comment went out as if it was from Zorro...its me Old Fart...You think can make the necessary changes...please..I will apologise to Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Abdullah Badawi has failed completely: as Prime Minister, as UMNO President, as a human being.

Nothing he can do will ever redeem him after tonight.

Mr. X said...

Looks like you could the next victim.

You may want to consider joining the “Please ISA Me” wave (psygame playing lah) so that they will think twice before handcuffing you.

Please ISA Me

I am begging you to ISA me

wong said...

let's do the RPK hairstyle to show our solidarity with all those ISAed.

shar101 said...

Yo Old Fart,

Considering what you did with Z's laptop, maybe SHA signed the 'wrong' detention papers, no?

Anywayz, coming from the bloke who lost the island, he's doing pretty well putting sand in other people's lives. He's the sand expert in Johore, yes?

Anonymous said...

We want the Gerakan and MCA to respond to this ISA action of arresting the reporter and Theresa. MCA and Gerakan, You are totally useless. Pull out or we will pull you our.

Old Fart said...

One of those things one does when angry and all that...Apologised to Zorro already..don't know if he read thta comment I put up...But then again, Shah, I am sure youwould have found the style rather strange....anyway's whatever happened to you were not fishing yesterday at the Wharf?

FBB said...

the sight of the pm makes me ill now. if i was still a BN supporter on mar 8th, the metamorphosis is now complete.

Anonymous said...

It's not his fault, he has chronic narcolepsy.