Monday, September 22, 2008

Lulu Wonders If She Has A Case Against The Government

Lulu is an anak jati Selangor [if there is such a thing-la],
and she is incensed with the detention of Teresa Kok.
They bundled her away in the middle of the night, did not allow her to contact anyone, and did not even tell her where she was taken to.
"under ISA", they tell her.
nothing more.

When her parents visited her on Monday, she had lost track of time.
She did not know it was Monday, for she had been confined into a cell with no windows, not knowing when day had turned to night.
They asked her the same few questions over and over again.
Questions, whose truth could have easily been made known if the police, in this modern day and age, had picked up the thing that Alexander Graham Bell invented over 100 years ago, and called the two mosques.
They could have asked her to come in at an appointed time to be interviewed/interrogated/whatever.
but, no...
"under ISA", they tell her.

How is Lulu involved in this?
Other than the emotional roller coaster, the anxiety, Lulu, as she mentioned earlier, is an anak jati Selangor.
Sassy MP, Ms Teresa Kok is the Selangor Senior State Exco responsible for Trade and Industry.
On the morning of the day they arrested her, she was explaining to 300 businessmen from China that Malaysia was a politically stable country for them to do business with.
What do you think the investors confidence level is when the person who spoke to them on Friday appeared in the papers the next day, detained?
How much do you think Selangor [and her people - people like Lulu] lost because of this stupid-stupid dentention?
The Selangor exco has also to postpone their trip to Taiwan to bring in investors to Selangor until suitable date as it is difficult to explain the ISA detention as well as the country’s situation to potential investors.

So, what do you think? Do the Selangor-ians [got such thing-ah? Afterall, Penang has their Penangites] have a case against the government? Any lawyer-lawyer wanna advise Lulu?

In the meantime, our totally in control, Islam Hadhari does not lie PM [dont you just love his new title?] 's Second Finance Minister is busy pointing fingers at Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, accusing him of his recent actions leading to political uncertainty and slowed down the flow of investments into the country.
what a joke!
*roll eyes*


blink4blog said...

i just have to post here to rest my agreement on what you had wrote.

Anonymous said...

even my grandma knows, BN is above the law mah. That Toyo fella can fitnah, rob the state and break all laws, nobody dares to touch him lah. If you and me try to talk too mcuh about injustice, the ISA may just fall on our head. For what? Well, for talking too much and that causes investors not to invest and therefore a threat to the economy and therefore ISA is justified. This is Al-Blur logic!

Anonymous said...

Bet your dollar that the prospective Chinese investors whom Teresa talked to would simply walk away from deal, shaking their heads in disbelief, with a wry smile crossed their faces.

Yet no BN ministers own up issuing the directive for the 3 arrests under ISA.

denzook said...

Beliau yang tidak mewakili mana-mana pihak berkata, telah membuat satu laporan polis di Balai Polis Bukit Puchong bagi meminta pihak berkuasa berkenaan menyiasat kenyataan yang dinyatakan penulis akhbar itu untuk mencari kebenaran.

full context in

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Lulu , is there a way for the states held by PR to abolish the ISA ?
Example- In the USA , some states have dead penalty and some don't.
Another example- guns are illegal in some american states but elsewhere is legal.

Different states have different set of laws. If w can't beat the federal , we can beat them half way.
Furthermore the ISA is not exactly a real law to starts with.
States that wants to keep the ISA let them keeps it.
States that wanna abolish the ISA , let us abolish it .

Anonymous said...

Second finance minister? You mean the one who tried to do a George Soros? And lost billions of taxpayers money. I couldn't care less if George loses his pants. Afterall he is using his own money. But this guy who gambled with taxpayers money and lost is the boss to Bank Negara governor!

You be the judge of the competence of this administration and the comatose imam of hadhari.

Yah Malaysia Boleh.

samson said...

China no different from Malaysia. Their laws are harsher, Fang Lung Gong people are never heard from again after they were detained, same as the students activist.

The investors will understand, I suppose. At least our streets are safer than Beijing after 1am..can go for teh tarik after all nite clubbing. Try that in Beijing or Shanghai..