Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lulu Does Not Think That The Malays Are Like That

"One reporter insisted that I answer one more question from her, she was being a little bit rude, so some people got upset, you know how we Malays sometimes get angry with this kind of behaviour," said Ahmad when contacted explaining the "sudah lah (enough)" and "bunuh dia (kill her)," remarks made at a reporter.
Malaysian Insider - Ahmad Blames Koh For Tension

Yes, Lulu believes everyone gets angry, but not to the extent of telling others to "bunuh dia" just for being persistent in asking questions in a press conference.
You may roll your eyes in light of the persistence, but to call for a "bunuh dia", that's criminal.

Lulu hopes that he will find himself standing alone, or with just a handfull of likeminded narrowmindeds as he calls for his "us"
"Let us not let it go to waste as the flames of anger among Malays and Muslims has reached new heights. Let us take embrace this anger and come together as Malays and Muslims throughout the land so that we can turn the voices of the Malays into one that will unite all Malays and Muslims into one single movement."
Malaysiakini - Ahmad did it again, told Chinese not be American Jews

To build a nation, it has to grow out of love, not hate and anger.

correction on the title, as pointed out by the readers. thanks guys!
yah... Lulu does not think that the Malays are like that.
no siree.... they're not like what UMNO Penang claims they represent.


myop101 said...

dear lulu,

this article by malaysian insider aptly describe the sandiwara tactics employed by the ruling coalition time and time again.

only this time, it has to resort to comical behaviour involving smashing pictures...


we should all be indifferent about it and ignore this bugger. arrest him or not is now the govt perogative. we as the rakyat should not take the bait to start hating one another because of an idiot need for a bogeyman / "bogeycommunity" in this case to remain relevant...

Anonymous said...

Lulu, that is called 'jolok sarang tebuan' or 'cari pasal'. If you are not convinced, approach him again and ask the same question and I chances are he will 'lepuk' you this time.

The man already made it clear of his stand, why he would not apologise etc.

No need to ask him again lar. If anyone not happy, then he/she should just continue talking and writing about the guy's answer and attitude until next year and year after next and so on.

Take care everyone, just don't ask the man again and don't get near him!

Continue your blogging, about Ahmad or whatever.

-The Lordship

antisupremacy said...

You have double negatives in your title there. Are you sure that's what you mean? I don't want you to get 'misquoted', that's all ;)

wits0 said...

Ahmad Ismail is a true umno Neanderthal warlord and Ah Koon is a hopeless wimp unwittingly encouraging such unmno extremism all these years.

6 State Mamak umno divisions out of 13 support the first and then whine over the SMS for Nasi Kandar boycott. Ironic.

We see the result of supplementary Appeasement and knee jerk of victimhood Whining.

LC Teh said...

Aiyoh... Lulu ah. Your two 'nots' make your statement into positive lah. I don't think Malays are like that lah...

Anonymous said...

lulu u said it all

"To build a nation, it has to grow out of love, not hate and anger"

~sila tepuk tangan~

azharif said...

I am surprised that a loose cannon like Ahmad Ismail is still allowed to roam freely and hold press conferences after his damaging remarks at permatang pauh and for telling my Chinese friends not to be 'American Jews'.

I'm putting my neck on the line here, but if similar remarks were made by a non-UMNO person, he would probably be detained immediately for sedition (or something similar) and shipped off immediately to Kemunting for an indefinite period.

So why is this guy still allowed to roam free?

Anonymous said...

"So why is this guy still allowed to roam free?"

Because he is an umno warlord, obviously. Whereas he actually belongs behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Lulu may be interested to have a look at this bit of RPK-style investigative work that explains why Dollah has been pussyfooting around Ahmad Ismail:
( http://margeemar.blogspot.com/2008/09/real-reason-why-pm-badawi-doesnt-want.html )

This slimeball Ahmad Ismail is just like that Zakaria 'Mahligai' Deros (who keeled over and died on the night of March 8th): a local UMNO warlord who can practically get away with murder because he supplies the 'votes' for the UMNO hierarchy.

But this thug is even worse than Zakaria.

wits0 said...

Ghostline: "But this thug is even worse than Zakaria."
I should think so.

Probably such long existing Penang types thought they'll forever be invisible, partly due also to the spinless Ah Koon and his sh*t fixed Gerakan tradition of appeasement.

His Shell petrol station has been identified and a boycott has been called.