Friday, September 12, 2008

Lulu Would Rather Trust Cruella de Vil With Your Dalmations

if MIC has even the littlest finger in this project to ensure three per cent Indian equity participation by 2020,
if MIC is to be trusted to assist in Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)'s management of a scheme that would allow Indians to own shares without going through the difficult process of getting bank loans,
if MIC is to be trusted to be the contact point [aka middleman] of Indian contractors being allowed to bid for selected government projects
if MIC is to be trusted to be party to the issuance of licences to Indian contractors to carry out projects, especially Class F contracts

then our government is really, truly an ass of the highest degree.

Up to today, MIC has never explained what happened 9 million Telekom shares that were originally offered to Maika Holdings had been rechanneled to three unknown companies, SB Management Services Sdn. Bhd., Advanced Personal Computers Sdn. Bhd., and Clearway Sdn. Bhd.
Google Maika Holdings Telekom and read what comes out. Nothing good. Nothing which will make you feel like you could trust the idiots at MIC. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Read about how MIC hogged a "RM3mil land" in Bandar Utama, enriching their coffers instead of putting it into a trust for MAIKA holdings, for people who had pawned their jewellery and borrowed money to invest in MAIKA. See where their trust lead them.

Lulu would rather trust Cruella de Vil with your dalmations [Lulu got no dalmations-ma...] then trust MIC to administer any funds for the Indians.


-naga- said...

I agree with you Lulu.

Its so frightening that MIC can actually come up with another equity scheme, without blinking an eye that is. Its as if nothing happened in 1992, and its as if MIC expects no one to remember anything about a previous equity scheme.

Have we become so disillusioned that we don't remember 9 million shares disappearing into a Swiss account? Or have we really forgotten about it and its "business as usual" for us?

Whatever it is, I am sure 66,000 poor labourers would not have forgotten that, never mind the rest.

Crankster said...

Ha! It certainly won't go to the Indians, that's for sure.

I can't believe the allocation is given to MIC when it's evident that the Indian community has resolutely rejected them.