Monday, September 01, 2008

If Anything/Anyone, Lulu Thinks It was The PM Who Didnt Mean It

The PM said,
"You know during campaigning all sorts of things can come up. I don’t think he meant it."
in defense of bigoted, narrow minded racist Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail who called the Chinese pendatang (immigrants) and said that “as the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races” during a ceramah in Permatang Pauh in Aug 25.
Lulu thinks the Datuk was sincere, he meant every word he said, and is a hardcore believer and practitioner of what he said. Afterall, he IS from UMNO.

Whereas, when the PM says,
"We want to be a developed country in our own mould, that promises a bright future for every one of its citizens without discrimination against race, religion and background."
Lulu could not help but recall that he is now campaigning for his political survival [and usage of the private jet] and maklumla, I dont think he meant it.

Maybe we should heed to his call,
“This is not impossible if we unite, set aside differences and prejudices, and rise as a people with the resilience to face all enemies and challenges,”
unite and rise against UMNO, the biggest divider in our country.


Anonymous said...

u know wat i think when i read wat he said in the news abt

"It is time Malaysians made that choice to return the meaning of independence to this country,' said Mr Badawi"

in the next couples of days dis pieace will prolly come out on the press

"ISA is a berry important law, cannot abolish 1. u no go according to (my had hari) law, u go to jail. saya pandang dicabar!!"

Anonymous said...

like we all know, this idiot is just a conniving & deceitful scumbag...

La Cha Mau said...

In case Mr. Prime Minister, you don't realise it but what the Datuk from Penang is actuallu saying is that you Mr.Prime Minister have married a SQUATTER and that you on very rare nights is making and continue to be making love with a SQUATTER. Your new wife is perhaps a Muslim but definitely not a MALAY but a god-damed SQUATTER. That is what the Datuk said and you Mr.PM take it so lightly. Shame, what a shame that you may perhaps tend to agree with the Datuk.

zozdaniel said...

Our PM is having solidarity with all these scumb bags.

All those who can champion UMNO's rascist cause have found good friend in him indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the PM's wife is also a pendatang and so is our Dear Tun (bangladesh wor?). Now our kkj's wife and the future generation will also be in the category of "pendatang" as per our Dato's definition and the whole list can go on and on. The main question here is "what the Pakatan Government is going to do about it and what our Gerakan, MCA and MIC (all Pendatang Parties) are going to do abt it? NOthing hur? With all the best lawyer and politicians in town you can't do anything? Even the CM?

Anonymous said...

That joker Ahmad Ismail should read up on history more. The original folks in this country are the orang asli la.

Its 2008 and we still have bigots like Ahmad Ismail. And this bigot is an elected rep, elected by the rakyat!

Khun Pana said...

Aiyah , there are many "squatters" inside bn too.
mca squats with mic.later came gerakan also wanna squat around.
Later along the years Tdm convinces Sabah and Sarawak to squats around him. But now they realizes that they are not eating durians while "squatting". But, they they actually realizes ? Or giving out a whine and a grin?

Luckily , some of us are not squatters. We already " Merdekaed" ourselves by joining and supporting The PakatanRakyat.
To supporters , running dogs and machai's of mca, mic,ppp,gerakan, olang bila mahu Merdeka ?

wits0 said...

The PM does not know(or really care about) what he is saying. He is blasé, truly unconcerned in actuality.

fergie said...

hahahaha .. u r so cute, Lulu! Aiya .. what to expect from sleepyhead. Has he EVER meant what he says??? YEAH .. let's all UNITE to kick OUT umno and other corrupt parties associated with them!!!! Dare to call me a squatter!!!!!!! I think my family & I have lived in Malaysia longer than some of those umno wannabe politicians!!!! I really look forward to the day we are free from their shackles! Read in Malaysiakini that the Special Branch are investigating possible defections in Sarawak .. huh???? Got meaning ah????

Anonymous said...

I have read many blogs on the Malaysian politixal front , many of which criticise like HELL the unbelievable racist and apparently childish antics and religious gamesmanship of the present Gomen for years already !

Yet this useless gomen is still standing resiliently tall , notwithstanding.

What do all these mean , got any real answers or not ? other than the proverbial rant n rave ?

Are Malaysians in general useless and hopeless which explains everything ?

the action man

Anonymous said...

Now who is talking? They are questioning other races's consitutional rights.

-naga- said...

Hmm isn't it funny (or ironical) that just days ago they called non-malays as immigrants and squatters etc but on Merdeka Day the PM had the guts to come out and call for discrimination against race?

Whoever writes the script for these people is doing an awesome job.

Khun Pana said...

I think we should "credit" ahmad for his honesty and his blunt but direct words. He is a ungrateful racist but an honest one.
Yup, ahmad and those who are on his side are the ungrateful ones.
Without the "Chinese squatters" Malaysia will have no economy!
I wonder why ahmad did not mention the Indians at that material time.
Najib was with admad during the speech, najid was nodding and smiling all the way.

As for badawi, the whole world knows he is a compulsive liar. His words won't holds any water.
Even TDM labels badawi as a compulsive liar. So this is not just us here.
We are ALL living in harmony during the British time, my late grandfather said so.
Ask your granny if you dont believes me.
In conclusion, it was umno and their bn honchos who successfully causes the split and racial riffs which we get to "enjoys" now.

zorro said...

He did PP a favor really - he swung the Chinese votes from Ariff to DSAI

galadriel said...

Dolah-Naik-Keretapi is weak, spineless fella. We all know.
That Ahmad Racist Ismail shud be stoned for wot he said.

And u are right Lulu. The biggest dividing factor is Umno. let's bring it down.

Lock MN said...

Reading from your comments, there's as much reverse racism remarks as that of Datuk Ahmad Ismail statement's.

I think the problem is actually over generalization and lack of history understanding.

Let's just get along now.

ghostline said...

Haha, to be fair, I think the PM was rudely awoken from his afternoon nap and said that without thinking (he seems to do that a lot). Though Ahmad Ismail's latest LCLY response should give him some food for thought.

And, as Uncle Zorro pointed out, this stinky feller Ahmad Ismail has actually done us a huge favour. The public's outraged reaction to his comments damaged UMNO immensely, and probably helped Anwar garner a few extra votes as well.

UMNO should keep this mad dog. It's good for Pakatan, and bad for them.