Saturday, August 30, 2008

You Really Can't Blame Lulu For Worrying When She Reads News Like This

afterall, Lulu learnt from Arif Shah's campaign that sometimes, politicians lie to the people to give them some comfort and hope in a lost cause.

Datin Latifah confessed that she had mentally prepared herself for a loss.

But if they knew that they could lose, why did Datuk Arif continuously maintain to voters that he would win?

She said: 'I can't just tell everyone that we are prepared to lose. We have to tell our supporters, workers and party machinery that we can win this because if not, nobody has the motivation to work.

'We were prepared to lose but we still want to carry out the fight... No one should give up.',4136,174652,00.html


moo_t said...

Yeah, UMNO a good fight with a expenditure that exceed 1 millions ringgit. sigh!

Anonymous said...

Tuahyong said....

Sure BN/Amno one million Ringgit or "billion" at the Rakyats' expense. Why worry SPR is on my side. Nobody will check how much we spent?

fergie said...

Haven't seen you around for a while, Lulu ... aiya so used to all the lies it's almost impossible to know when they are actually telling the truth.

artchan said...

Liar Numero Uno...AAB

Khun Pana said...

Yup, that is a glaring blatant lie by Tan Sri Nomad Yak.
High inflation rates couples with the lousy ringgit laced with soaring crime rates is NOT an economic crisis !
Same as they did not ban MT but merely blocks it.
Same as they are not racist but its the unwritten merdeka 'CON-track'.
Same as they jails people under the ISA bacause they can't finds any evidence.
Moorthy's passport was NOT cancelled by them but merely waiting to jails Moorthy under the ISA!
Selangor's free RM10 worth of water for the common folks
is a waste but umno's free RM 20 Tenaga bill is not a waste!
Its an OKAY for KJ to burns the American flag when C.Rice was here, but its very "jahat" for us to hangs our flag upside down.
Its an OKAY for our polis to behaves "macam anjing liar", but defaces their logo on a blog is seditious.
So the DNA bill is MORE important than fixing the economy,judicial revamp,charging VK lingam and his gang ,etc.
Saifool is more well known than the fella who went into space as a space tourist .
Najib swore by his god that he is innocent but Bala went missing, his family went missing , Dr.Osman went missing, his family also went missing.
In Permatang Pauh , BN won!
Ya, they WON!...menang dapat balik itu wang deposit!
Like that also can!

They are in an unconscious state of deep denial.

Anonymous said...

2day i learn a new vocab called red herring

lulu u got a berry good pair of eyes !!

wits0 said...

Indeed, all the scummy crummy statements by the bn/bumno 'leadership' have to be regarded as lies unless proven otherwise. If they be truth, that'll be purely accidental. 51 years say that this has become its unchangeable psyche deserving of perdition after the impending self destructing.

Malaysian Joe said...

Lulu, Nor Mohamed is right. Country is not in economic crisis.

BN is in crisis and because of that we are in economic crisis. So to curtail the crisis, we should address the root cause of the crisis, in this case is the BN govt.