Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Only Does Lulu Supports Samy Vellu In Going To Pematang Pauh To Campaign For BN

Lulu thinks he must as well run for the seat.
Afterall, the UMNO individuals dont seem too keen in the embarassment of losing,
none of them [other than Ezam] want to run,
and poor Samy, MIC president without a constituent,
amd since he has such confidence in his charisma, charm and contribution in the lives of the 5.7% of Pematang Pauh voters.
Dont you agree?

Samy Vellu for Pematang Pauh!!!


kittykat46 said...

Haha Lulu, Your post is hilarious.
Keep it up !

salia said...

hehe, maybe you should start an online petition. I'm sure lots of people will sign it :D


fergie said...

Aiyoyo Samy ah? Lulu's got me hysterical la. You r really GREAT!

myop101 said...



this is one short funny entry...

wits0 said...

As in Lunas, he'll swear, scout's honour, never to leave if umno loses?

Gan said...

Lulu - good suggestion !!

Might make it to another Malaysia's record - first party president without a Constituent to lose deposit !!