Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lulu's Today Spoilt

Last night, a group of bloggers met up for dinner in Tmn Desa, thanks to the generosity of the taikor.
As it was also the opening ceremony of the Olympics, we sat and watched the opening ceremony, totally awed by the whole presentation.

When the fireworks came on, someone commented that the Chinese invented fireworks, and it is "but of course" that they would come up with this beautiful display.

they, the Chinese.

Then "today" happened.

Some people just don't understand.
People like Lulu, we're Malaysians.
We sing Negaraku, not [whatever the Chinese national anthem] is.
We were born here, not China.
We're Malaysians, not Chinese.

I don't know if you get what we are saying.
We see ourselves as Malaysians.
Not Chinese. Or Indian, or Arab or Indonesians and so on.
We never identified with China, India, Arab or Indonesia other than it being the country where our forefathers came from.

Why do some people continue to scream, “balik China”?
It's hateful, it's hurtful and it is so, so wrong.


Anonymous said...

ala Lulu, why are you bloggers hoping against hope. There is no such thing as a perfect world. Even if you migrate to England, the locals there will still tell you to go back to China.

Khun Pana said...

Not all at lost , Lulu.
The very least some of us clearly know our roots.
The Chinese admit that they are from China .
The Indians are proud of their motherland India .
As a matter of fact those who knew where their roots will admit.
Only naive people will lay claims as "son of the soil". They do have big problem with their own history .
To the extend of rewriting and editing their own history.
"son of the soil"? they still do not know that they originated from Madura , Palembang , Minangkabau ,Aceh , jawa and dot dot dot....

It is okay and we are cool about it , Lulu.
I and some of us admit that some of us are second and third class citizens.
We do admit that we have fools , strange people ,racist , kaki bodek among the many Malaysian.

Just be cool and you already won the battle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu,

Fret not, for those who does not know their roots are like hycanith being blown about on the water.

Take pride being a Malaysian even if it's second or third rate. But always keep in mind of your roots, for without knowing your past how can you stride into the future with head held high!?

Helped my kids prepare their Folio Sejarah on Salasilah Keluarga. In the process, learnt a thing or two about my own roots & I am dammed proud of it! Let others say what they like, if your root is deep, whatever them fools throw at you, will not bother you one bit!

This is a very good site to start your family tree:-



Anonymous said...

asked anuar to sack the MP fr Kulim.
Heard that he was arrested under ISA?
padan muka dia - never kasihan him again

Anonymous said...

its interesting to know where your ancestors come from.
although malaysia is home, i am so proud of the chinese in china.

they really made the westerners open their eyes, stand up and take notice of the power of the chinese!

now, to brush up my mandarin :D

Anonymous said...

Someone shouts 'Balik Cina'?Frankly, I don't give a damn. I am a Malaysian. Cheer. whispering9

salia said...

Those protesters seem to have race and religion confused. By shouting things like "babi" and "balik Cina", they show that their protest has nothing to do with religion at all. What about Muslims of Chinese ethnicity or any other non-Malay Malaysian Muslims for that matter? Are you trying to tell them that because of their ethnicity, they should balik Cina? So much for solidarity with your Muslim brethren.

(Btw, it should be pointed out that China probably has more Muslims than Malaysia.)

Assuming that their protest was more about race than religion, can we ask those same bunch of people who shouted "balik Cina" to go back to wherever they came from? Fair is fair, right? If Malaysia is only for the true bumiputra, then we (meaning everyone except the Orang Asli and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak) should evacuate immediately.

Really, the twisted logic some people have...sigh. But since the protesters are Malaysians, their home is here. I respect my Malaysian brethren and I won't ask them to go anywhere. And regardless of what these people say, Malaysia is my "tanah tumpah darah ku" too and I am not going anywhere either.

salia said...

I gotta say, I admire Dr Mehrun Siraj for her guts to engage intellectually and civilly in the forum (see also The Star report here - I also applaud her courage and frankness in calling out boorish behaviour when she sees it. Well done to her!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lulu

I am not sure if I can be as strong as you.. when I saw the man on the tv last saturday saying all those things and the way he behaved and barged into the Bar Council, I was really afraid.

He was so intimidating.

He thought that he was correct, and that it was his right to barge into someone else's building and tell the owner of the building to stop a discussion. How can you masuk rumah org lain tanpa dijemput and tell the owner to SHUT UP?

Then there are all those ppl who were outside the building with their banners demanding for the Bar Council to not to CABAR Islam.

I cannot understand why can't we discuss certain aspects of any religion. If we cannot discuss, how can we have better understanding of Islam? Is Islam only discuss-able by their penganut? If that is the case, then how can Islam continue to attract so many non-muslim converting into Islam? Or are these ppl forced to convert into Islam?

When I studied Sejarah in Form 4, I was taught how Islam was a great religion and that this religion had many great scientists and mathematicians. Where are all these great Muslim now? I would like to ask them if they think that no one should discuss about their religion . I would like to know the TRUTH how how Islam became a great religion?

Did they intimidate others so that no one would question the relevance of the religion?

How can we go on saying that Malaysia is one of the rare Muslim tolerant country when I feel so threaten being a non-Muslim in this country?

Btw, I do not even believe in the existence of GOD. If they find out about me, will I be executed on my head? Do I have to buy my own bullets, like in China?

Anonymous said...

very well said khun pana and qwerty

yes v r chinese/indian/malay

AND v r MALAYSIAN chinese/indian/malay

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

lulu, i am leaving for China. I will go back to motherland and develop her into a power, civilised and beautiful country...

in the mean time, we could keep in close contact, in case your children may one day need to apply for jobs in china...

soon, there will be no more mfg industry in malaysia. even the japanese semicon are moving out from m'sia.

I will not be a Malaysian Chinese anymore...but a Chinese from Malaysia. The term Malaysia chinese itself brings with it so much baggage and reminds one of discrimination...


Anonymous said...

My dear Lulu,
I am a muslim malay, was born in 1955 and i go English girls school.My classmates are multiracial. We have been living side by side for so many years in harmony. Everywhere in the world there are extremists.The un fortunate episode recently happens because of emotions overflowed. Actually islam is not like that we are tolerant ppl. But please understand the Bar council has been advised beforehand to discuss behind closed door. They are learned beings and should have heed the advise. Respect each other religion.Already there were certain issues regarding religion before this, the new incident adds salt to the wound, thus the demonstrations happend.We are Malaysians we need each other. But all we muslims asked is just that if we can tolerate yr religion and not raised any qualms you too, please respect the muslims wishes. If need be please refer to the higher authorities of the islamic bodies and discuss amicably behind closed doors.
Love Lulu, fr Madam rochas.

Bumiputerakelas2 said...

I do hope that China will accept me. Anyway I am still proud that being a minority in this country the majority have to be protected from us. This shows how superior we are and how 'chicken' they are.

thinking said...

To Madam rochas,

You as an individual may be tolerant of other people's religions, but unfortunately, the actions of a few leaders who claim to speak on behalf of people like you, are far less tolerant. What is equally bad is when the more moderate Malays and Muslims keep silent, leading the non-Malays to believe that ALL the Malays and Muslims share the same racist view.

Let me ask you, are you tolerant or accepting towards other Malaysians of different beliefs to yours? To be honest, I have a problem with the word "tolerance" in this context because it is often used to mean "putting up with an annoyance". I prefer the term "acceptance" because it is more inclusive. I think that when we are accepting of other people's differences instead of just tolerating it, only then is there true understanding. There is a huge world of difference between being tolerant and accepting towards others.

Personally, I believe Islam is a religion of acceptance of diversity because there is no compulsion in Islam.

Me personally, I'd pick acceptance over tolerance any day. I'm a third generation Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity. I have a vested interest in seeing my homeland of Malaysia and all its people prosper. I'm tired of being told to "balik Cina" by racist MPs in parliament on a regular basis. I'm tired of politicians threatening to shed non-Malay blood and insinuating that all non-Malays are devious, calculating and will oppress their Malay brethren given half the chance. They never, ever talk about the sacrifices that the non-Malays and non-Muslims have made for this country, even before Malaysia was formed. These politicians are the racists and the seditious, not the non-Malays and non-Muslims.

Madam rocha, I am not picking on you, but I am telling you what many non-Muslims and non-Malays feel like in this country. Isn't it sad that even after 50 years, such a large section of Malaysians are still made to feel like illegals and outcasts in their own country?

I know many Malays and Muslims feel threatened by non-Muslims and non-Malays, but I can tell you, you have nothing to fear from me, my family and friends, Mulims, Malays, non-Muslims and non-Malays alike. Where I come from and where I live, we all stand shoulder to shoulder as fellow Malaysians. If one is in trouble, the other helps. We don't stop to question whether the other is of the same race or same religion. I am proud of them and proud to be a part of their world. I am certain I am not the only Malaysian who feels this way about my fellow Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Mdm Rocha,

I believe the mainstream media and some politicians out to score cheap points has tried to paint the forum as anti-Islam and anti-Malay, which it is not. Please read Haris Ibrahim's posting in 3 parts on this as he was there at the forum. I would be interested to know what you think.

umabaran said...

too bad .. the person who shouting dun even know their roots!! wher do they came from !! jus dun give damn for this kinda morons!!

Anonymous said...

Just read this entry and you know what, I felt exactly the same way. I was in awe because in Beijing that nite, you have people of all over the world - heads of states, sportsmen, spectators ... all colors & religion united as one, because of the Games. It gave me a wonderful feeling watching the (incredible) opening ceremony. And the very next day, ... yes, back to 'Malaysian' reality. It was really sad. How people on other parts of the world have progressed, educated, opened up ... and we have so many morons running around in our streets. Aiyah, our slogan should not be Malaysia - Truly Asia, it is not even Malaysia - Truly Malaysia. More like Malaysia - Truly Racist.
And for this, I salute all the past and present leaders of our little, unimportant and backwards country, for helping us achieve that in a short 50 years. Malaysia Boleh!

~MY~ said...

Lulu, like you I always call myself true blue Malaysian. No, not true blue Malaysian Chinese as people try to correct me, I'm true blue Malaysian. Fullstop.

I'm brought up in very "muhibbah" government quarters, my nephews are malay and indian, eat nasi lemak & roti canai (I don't even like chinese food), breathe malaysian air, pay high end malaysian taxes but I'm also a huge pessimist who believes apart from my own inner circle there will be no such thing as Bangsa Malaysia in my lifetime because reality (and mara students - our YOUTH, our FUTURE) has shown me that those who think like us are sadly too few. C'est la vie eh?

Someone asking me to balik cina, is like me asking others to balik Indonesia since that is where the malay ancestry began... LOL! Doesn't help solve anything AT ALL, but you are free to try that line instead of taking it all in....LOL!!!!