Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lulu's now wondering what the bill would be for the PM's jet travels between Aug 16-26.

Abdul Hadi Awang (MARANG) in his soalan bertulis to Parliament,
Berapakah jumlah perbelanjaan yang ditanggung oleh Kerajaan sepanjang tempoh kempen Pilihan Raya Umum ke 12 dari 24 Februari sehingga 7 Mac 2008 hasil dari penggunaan jet eksekutif Kerajaan bagi kegunaan YAB Perdana Menteri dan YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

The answer was,
Bagi tempoh 24 Februari sehingga 7 Mac 2008, jumlah perbelanjaan untuk penggunaan jet eksekutif adalah sebanyak RM792,325.20.
ref: A Little Piece Of News Lulu Suspects You May Have Missed Out
a bit more reliable reference : Jetsetting PM & DPM

Lulu's now wondering what the bill would be for the PM's jet travels between Aug 16-26.
Is this part of the "By-election will be costly" worries that Syed Hamid Albar is concerned over?

btw, Syed Hamid seems to be talking rubbish all over that article. Lulu knows, these BN politicians are prone to speaking rubbish, but it still surprises Lulu.
Syed Hamid said,
“If (former MP) Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail had said earlier that she was giving way to Anwar, then the voters may have decided differently then."
If Lulu remembers right, Dr Wan Azizah's voters have always known of this option all the way back from the 1st time she ran in the 1999 elections.

He also said,
“Maybe PAS can offer one of their seats instead to Anwar"
erhh... he seems to have confused Parlimentary elections with party elections. In Parlimentary elections, the people vote when the seat is vacated. In his [Syed Hamid's] party elections, though it is not the correct thing to do, the trend is to appoint your successor when you announce your intention to vacate, totally disregarding the member's right to vote.
How can PAS offer a seat to Anwar without running a "costly affair" by-election?

Langsung tidak masuk akal


Anucia said...

Now Anwar has been charged with RM20,000 bail. If one person can donate RM1, the burden can be lessened A LITTLE.

Guess it's time we all go to our "happy place"-the local political scene is too depressing.

denzook said...

the last time you "fitnah" cmf for suggested may13 incident for voting oppos (she denied twice, pre and post ge12) ...

the botak probably mean pas to vacant their seat for anwar (to contest) instead of azizah being oppos leader......

Anonymous said...

hello, this is the same man who gave a pat on his back and said well done after losing an island in return for a piece of rock.

thinking said...

Five months after the general elections, and Syed Hamid Albar and many of the BN politicians still seems to be missing the forest for the trees. Still in denial, and still looking outside for reasons for their failure.

BN, you seriously need to stop listening to yourselves in an empty room and the fawning party sycophants. For once, get out there and listen to the rakyat. You lost so badly because you don't listen to the needs of the people any more and you shut out anyone who say anything that opposes your rose-tinted viewpoints of happy-happy-semuanya-ok-Malaysia-boleh, even party loyalists! You're going to continue to lose badly and erode whatever public credibility you have left unless you take the initiative to sweep your house clean. No point trying to convince the voters that they should vote for you for your trustworthiness when everyone can smell the stench of corruption and racist politics stemming from the deepest core and highest echelons of the party. You are rotting from the inside. Even if you give your house a new coat of paint, without removing the rot you cannot hide the busukness of your poor statemanship and the lack of moral and ethical leadership.

A word of caution to PR: Voters are not going to tolerate similar behaviour from you. In fact, the bar is probably set higher for PR than for BN. No more corruption, no more self-serving politicians. Voters gave you a chance to prove you are here to serve the people and serve the country, and not in it for the lucrative contracts, under-table payments, private jet travel, lavish dinner parties and fawning sycophants. Don't screw this up.

Bentoh said...

Errrmmm... fitnah? :o

So if CMF denied it... it means she did not say that?

Pak Lah is bodoh... oh... I deny I said that... I love Pak Lah...

Anonymous said...

UMNO should vacate a few seats for MCA, Gerakan and MIC, all their big honchos not in parliament.

aiyooo, no more can see samy's toupee. pondan kohzigoon, and turtle head ong. i miss these comedians.

- anarky

myop101 said...

it is not about logic. it is about picking to say whatever you like. nevermind if it doesn't make sense. it is not supposed to.

the audience are meant to make no linkages and connections in relation to what they say unless they specifically tell you to link it.

otherwise, if we all start linking what they say, we would soon realise we are lead by idiots. this is a no-no. again, nevermind if the rest of the world knows it, we are suppose to swallow it lock, stock and barrel...

Old Fart said...

Hi Lulu, it was so nice meeting you last night.

You know, you have to accept that our national leaders, as they would have us believe, are not exactly stupid.

That being so, you got to wonder why they make silly statements and silly propositions.

And then when you look at when it was that they were last quoted or appeared in any of the MSM, then you can see the sense in brainless statements and propositions of politicians.

You see they got to meet quota for media appearance otherwise they scared they will not be noticed. But then I also think sometimes they need to impress their new 20 something year old girlfriends. Sometimes also I think they got to impress their mamas and their kampung folks too. You see if you are a politician, and your kampung folks and relatives don't see you mentioned in their papers or the TV, then you got no face ma! So you say just about anything and you get coverage. So happy la. Does that explain a lot?