Friday, August 15, 2008

Lulu Thinks Koh Tsu Koon Should Also Ask The UMNO Boys For The Files

He [Koh Tsu Koon] requested that all files and documents pertaining to the case in the Chief Minister's office and the various state departments be declassified and made available to him so he could prepare for the debate.
"Such information is needed by both sides to prepare for arguments in the debate. It will not be fair if he has access to information and I don't," he said.

The Star - Koh to Guan Eng: Bring it on

in case Koh Tsu Koon has forgotten,
All official executive documents on land dealings in Abdul Rashid’s Komtar office were among the files that had allegedly gone missing from most executive councilors’ offices before the new state government was sworn in.
The present state government learnt about the land scam when perusing documents available at the state and district land offices, and state secretariat.
Insiders said initial random checks on previous land dealings had disclosed improprieties worth more than RM100 million.
Malaysiakini - Land scam tremor in Penang

note : KTK = Koh Tsu Koon, LGE = Lim Guan Eng
Lulu would not be surprised if the list of files which KTK wants made available to him will be returned with a "Fail Tidak Dapat Dicari", and if anything, confirms to the Pakatan government that the those files exists and have since Mar9th, mysteriously disappeared.

LGE, his team in Penang and the external auditors, with whatever little they have, have tried to dig into and understand the land transactions that have taken place, especially those in the last 5 years. LGE has tried to meet up with KTK on a more private basis having asked many times, writing to him, SMS-ing him and talking to his people but KTK has refused to meet him for many months now.
Hence the offer for an open debate as a last resort.
Hopefully, in this "debate", KTK will come out looking like the better informed person, able to explain clearly and simply how some of those dubious looking transactions took place.
He should.
Afterall, he is the better informed person, having been the Chief Minister when all this was taking place.

In the meantime, Lulu strongly urges KTK to contact his UMNO "buddies" for the files and more information. They have the info and the files. lol! they may even be related to the people who "bought" the land.

KTK should also make that set of information to the Penang government. That would be the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

KTK also could not get hold of the files from UMNO EXCO members because he is only a DOGGY or OFFICE BOY during BN's rule.

Rather the office boy in the Land Office at the District and State Level would know more about all these land transdaction.

Please don't be surprise if the actual office boys who have nothing to gain or lose could tell the TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

So, lets see whether KTK is heroic enough to admit the wrong doings during his time of dog-collared by UMNO.

Sadly, he may still attempts to say NOTHING WRONG-UH!, even when the million dollars land can be given away at a few pennys.

Can he really be heroic enough to admit and start the SCRUB-CLEANSING of the past ills???

wits0 said...

KTK never grew a spine and never will. He will always be a panderer.