Friday, August 15, 2008

If Lulu Is Part of This One Big Family, Then Lulu Must Be The Unloved and Much Bullied Step Daughter

Lulu thinks most of you are not so easily fooled by all the hype about the BN/UMNO's candidate for Pematang Pauh being able to speak, read and write Mandarin.

The Star went as far as publishing a picture of him writing, "We are one big family" in Mandarin today.

lol! If Lulu is part of this one big family, then Lulu must be the unloved and much bullied step daughter.

Take a good look at what is written in that article which contains the publicity shot.
yes, this man belongs to a party whose principle is protecting the interests of the Malays.
Where does this leave the balance 31% voters in Pematang Pauh,
and the other 35% of Malaysians?

You know what this Amir Shah is?
Yup! a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Jaga-jaga ya.


Shawn Tan said...

did you draw that yourself?? nice!!

thinking said...

Great spotting and great picture, Lulu! Intentionally or not, The Star did all Malaysians a favour here by posting up the true intentions of BN/UMNO. Thanks, Mr. Wong Chun Wai!

Lulu, in some ways I can't help but feel thankful that Malaysian voters are slowly but surely developing into pro-active thinkers and citizens, not content to let others do their thinking and speaking for them.

There was a time not too long ago when Malaysian Chinese voters would have been impressed with any political figure whose mother tongue was not Chinese but was Chinese language literate (e.g. Australian PM Kevin Rudd). In some ways, we still are impressed as we admire their ability to master a language not their own. However, I am grateful that more Malaysian Chinese voters are learning to also look for the substance behind the showmanship. The BN candidate in Permatang Pauh will have to do a lot more to impress voters.

To paraphrase a popular Wendy's slogan, "Where's the meat?" (with all due apologies to our vegetarian friends)

wits0 said...

Really, if mamaks are so particularly popular these days, ppl wouldn't have boycotted their restaurants in Penang recently.

Old Fart said...

why so big on saying all things nice about Chinese now eh after his fellow colleagues only last Saturday told the Indians and Chinese can balik to whereever they came from?

I hope our Lee wins a Gold in today's finals in Badminton.

Wonder how our goons are going to spin it?

They surely don't want him anywhere near UTiM...nonono....all the 10,000 students might come out protesting as that might be the first sign of letting in a non into MARA. No, we cannot have that. Can we?

Of course they will scream and shout about 1st Malaysia Gold in Olympics and so on....they better get it, considering the little red dot is also contending for a gold as well in the ladies table tennis.

If only they can make it happen like how the first Malaysian astronaut came about, I am sure the first Malaysian Olympic Gold would not come from this Lee guy. Then they can still shout Malaysia Boleh!!