Friday, August 01, 2008

Aiyoh Lulu.... How Not To Laugh

with a name like i-dola, Lulu pities the people in charge of branding and marketing.
Come on-lah... what is dola known for? Sleepy head, not very bright, saying hadhari this and that without truly experiencing it, loves luxuries and high praises.
Gosh... how-lah to market this i-dola?

Knowing the Malaysia Boleh spirit, the government will make it a Malaysia Paksa policy.
Remember the Proton Perdana policy?
To ensure that this Mak Cik project does not fail, Lulu foresees these i-dola and jean-i being forced upon the teachers and students.
The only good thing is that since it has been announced that the PC and notebook costs RM500 and RM1000 respectively, the favoured crony suppliers will not be able to mark it up like what they did in the previous laptops for teachers exercise. However, Lulu has to bear in mind that they could park their exorbidant profits under something like service and maintainance.
sigh... the rakyat just can't win in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Bill Gates and the president of GM were attending a Q and A session during a business seminar.

In answering a question from the audience, Gates boasted about the innovations his company had made.

"If GM had kept up with technology the way the computer industry has," Gates concluded, "we'd be driving $25 cars that get 1000 miles per gallon."

"Yes, I suppose that's true," the GM executive agreed. "But would you really want your car to crash twice a day?"


Anonymous said...


many ways to skin a cat, eh?

sell for RM500 per computer. breaks down within 3 months. must send back to crony company for repairs under warranty period. freeee for customer but crony company levy RM2,000 for parts against governemtn. viola, computer actually costs RM2,500.

want more suggestions? gotta pay for royalty, lor.

KaKiaYam said...

Made in Malaysia, my FOOT!

These are computers that are OEM from Taiwan. While I have no complain on the quality, to claim that it is made and design in malaysia is a big LIE!

We deals with MIMOS many times, and many times they just out source the work to design houses both locally and in S'pore and India. That's where all our government R&D grant goes support the growth of R&D in neighbouring countries...

Malaysia is indeed a land of GOLD.

Anonymous said...

jean-i is actually a "lap"-top maid in Putrajaya

denzook said...

i thot long long ago mimos proud to announce their risc processor (nevermind these days univ kids too can develop risc processor). i wonder it will be used in that laptop instead. can save alot money if then.

by the way, it's nothing wrong to use codename such as 'makcik', just like intel using yonah and katmai.

Anonymous said...

i-dola is the proton saga variety, we will see i-dola users not turn off the machine in case it never come back up again - ala the proton power windows which no one ever dare operate.

Anonymous said...

What happens when the i-dola, like its infamous namesake, dozes off and goes into snooze mode while the user is in the midst of typing out an important assignment? Hours of work lost and the user will be kicked out of university, like little Saiful the scholarship holder.

Edmond R said...

Oh, very apt names for the computers indeed. i-Dola will definitely be in the hybernating mode all the time, and when that is happening, we can get personal with Jean-i, the maid who does all the work. Interesting, very interesting.
So, who should we call when both computers break down?


Lao' Cha said...

Heard that i-Dola comes preloaded with SodoAssist ver.6.19. and Jean-i comes with the latest version of Dic-Tweak Professional.

Anonymous said...

Why so expensive? It's the hungry ghost month now, can buy a laptop or desktop for less than RM50 and Malaysia Boleh.....maybe not the paper computer.


Anucia said...

is this for real??
i-dola, jean-i and Mak Cik?