Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Betcha Lulu’s Blood Is Boiling

"We must first get rid of the politics of hate, slander and revenge among the Malays."
- Pompous racist idiot Khir Toyo
Lulu has no problems with the ridding the politics of hate, slander and revenge among the Malays.

But the sad thing is, you know how this pompous racist idiot plans to achieve this?
The pompous racist idiot says,
It must begin with the younger generation understanding that a Malay majority is only meaningful if it is used to better the Malays.
You know what else the pompous racist idiot said?
He said this [UMNO's failure in courting PAS to jointly rule Selangor] was proven by the fact that Anwar was being supported by 'extremist' Chinese and Indians via opposition party DAP and the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

In this pompous racist idiot’s pompous racist mind, anyone who is not a subservient dog like those lame MCA and MIC etc are extremists.

Excuse me…………. Lulu is a love everyone, love Malaysia Malaysian.
Most of us are.
And it sickens Lulu to read trash like this.

Lulu detests and abhors this UMNO game of unity which calls for instilling hate of fellow Malaysians into the Malay community to unite the Malays.

If you’re in a bad mood already, go check out his blog. Lulu is not going to provide you the link to that detestable place.
You can also read it on Malaysiakini.


Crankshaft said...

You're right. Khir is a lame piece of worthless trash.

Crankshaft said...

You're right. Khir is a lame piece of worthless trash.

Anonymous said...

lulu, it made my blood go up too when i read what the moron had said. what's even more upsetting is the fact that UMNO and PAS are in possible talks to merge. really upset abt that la. u know how much convincing it took me to get my hubby to vote for PAS in our constituency. i hope nik aziz and husam will do something soon abt the other faction in PAS.

Anonymous said...

Until today turkeys like Khir Toyo cannot understand why they did so badly in GE12. It was really UMNO's fault. But being the typical UMNOPutra that he is, he just blames others. This is why Malaysia if it doesn't stop the racist thinking and talk and the fear of others will never amount to much in my opinion. There will never be towering Malays or Glocal Malays etc until Malays cut the umblical cord and can compete with others in a Global environment.


wits0 said...

And basi Rais got riled because the US States Dept guy warned Bangsatland's governance about persecuting Anwar. Wait till this sort of gross racist hate speeches get noticed, enumerated and mentioned by umnoputras since the beginning of race based politics created by umno.

hotneb said...

I voted for DAP... I guess this automatically makes me an extremist Chinese... hmmm...

I don't deny that though... When it comes to dealing with these idiots (as in State opposition leader Toyol lah)... maybe being extremist (as in kill these idiots all) is a good way... :P

CaptainCaveman said...

Dear LuLu,

Thanks for not providing the link to this racist idiot. Never has any intention to visit this idiot blog anyway.

Anucia said...

i read his post a coupla days ago- and that's the exact line that pissed me off the most(we nons being extremist Hindraf and DAP supporters)and I commented. He really is such a shithead.
Saya impikan it seems.He tried to be as inspiring as King's I Have A Dream, but i think he just dug his own grave.
Who's the bloody extremist?

Anonymous said...

how i wish any "extremist" out there better if with c4 can handle this "bastard toyol" once and for all ...

Anonymous said...

Lulu Darling,
Go to KGSAAS Sec 13 Shah Alam. The pompous racist idiot`s plays his racist golf there.

Please dont worry much about him...this guy is already " Ikan KerinG" - died in his world of fantasy politics.

Cheap below the belt politics

Putter Hole 7

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyo memalukan bangsa dan ugamanya dengan perbuatannya semasa MB dengan isiu balkis, projek babi negara, istana zakaria dan sekarang tidak mempunyai maruah diri dan sanggup mengadai diri untuk wang semata!

wits0 said...

Demagoguery, that's what Bolehland rewarded Madey Kutty with 22 years of premiership. Toyol surely must've derived inspiration from this example and feel that it is a fail-safe formula for success for all time!

Anonymous said...

toyo also an indonesian, not real malay. he does not have 'rights' to say it.

Anonymous said...

umno is supported by whom? boot-licking doves who will jut out their butt to enjoy the crumbs thrown to them
freaking hypocrite racist. damn him and may he wake up with the mother of all constipation. doc, please. of course, not a racist dentist.

Anonymous said...

Kill Toyol was seen crying after Barisan Najis was kicked out from Selangor and moved his official residence in the middle of the night too, the bugger got too many skeletons in his closetlah.

Anonymous said...


cant agree wif u more

can v expose his extreme racist statement to all major international online papers/articles 4 world to c ?

he need av ppl he c on the street malu-malu dia baru he know wat is malu lah

kittykat46 said...

Yes, Lulu, I'm continuously reminded why it was so necessary to send this racist idiot into unemployment, and why we should make sure he and his ilk stay unemployed...

J. D. Lovrenciear said...


Why is no one in the corridors of power screaming "sedition" when this infamous former MB uttered those 'racist' remarks?

How come even the MSM is not taking objection to it?

Suppose you had uttered those statements in your blog, wouldn't the ACA and police immediately sweep down on you?

Perhaps, you should get your blogging community together and file a joint petition or law suit against him for sedition.

Of course, we can all preempt the outcome. But maybe, the effort is still worth it.

Commentators what would you say?

Antares said...

Now I know why every time I see Khir Toyo's face my right hand shifts automatically into slapping mode. Bet you if others who feel the same made a point of slapping that obnoxious twit every time they bump into him, his botox will crumble into dust, leaving only a stuffed shirt. Oh, btw, Lulu, have I told you lately that I love you?

Anonymous said...

The first thing PKR on forming the federal govt should do is to deport that illegal immigrant Toyol back to his kampung in Java