Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some of Lulu's Thoughts on The UMNO-PAS Discussion

Lulu was not able to blog about it cos there were so many developments on this issue, so much that Lulu does not understand, and Lulu just could not catch up with the issue.

UMNO and PAS has been in discussions on power sharing. So far, 3 meetings have been held. So far, UMNO has admitted to offering to share power with PAS in Selangor after the March general election

The PM has stated that UMNO has the right to negotiate with any party form the state government.

1. They were attended by the PM himself, whereas on PAS side, they sent the 2nd layer [not the top guns] for the discussion. Lulu thinks this shows how desperate the PM is, and how care less / careful PAS is. [Care less as in they dont really care for such meetings, not that they were careless in sending mid-management for the discussion]

2. If UMNO has the right to sendiri jalankan negotiation and promising PAS all kinds of positions and means to wealth and power, Lulu is wondering if this would mean that the other component parties has the right to negotiate with DAP [not that they want to] to negotiate forming the state government in Perak.

3. Lulu cannot help but to think that this is an act of betrayal to the other component parties of Barisan Nasional. The Peninsular parties which run mainly on a racial line has been speaking up against PAS and the formation of an Islamic state whereas the East Malaysia parties would lose their bargaining power and kingmaker status.
Just as MIC has blocked the way for IPF to enter Barisan, Lulu would think that the other component parties, some for selfish reasons and some [if any] for noble reasons would block the entry of PAS into the ruling Barisan Nasional.
but then again, these are low-life greedy UMNO idiots who behave like they're the almighty we are talking about, so, Lulu guesses there's no issue of principles and integrity and absolutely no need for respect to your coalition partners. It does not help that the partners treat UMNO like they're the almighty, allowing to behave like nasty warlords of a corrupt dictatorial nation.
It remains to be seen what will happen during the explain everything meeting.
Will the partners protest and demand for what is right and correct, or will they ask the PM how high when he asks them to jump.

4. Is there such a thing as be partner for one state only? Would that mean that in Selangor, you are partners whereas in PAS led Kelantan and UMNO led Trengganu you are rivals? What sort of relationship is this? This sounds as bizzare as some soap opera you catch on tv.

5. A little bird told Haris Ibrahim what was power-sharing with PAS is only half of it. Haris' source revealed that PAS was also offered to power-share at the federal level. He offered PAS 4 ministerial and 3 deputy ministerial positions. This would eliminate the bizareness of #4, but heightens problem #3. Also, would that mean that some of the current ministers would have to give up their ministership [and the fancy Proton Perdana which comes with the job], or the PM would create new positions?

6. UMNO sounds as if they're flogging a dead horse. PAS head honchos - Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz have already affirmed their allegiance with Pakatan and the Youth Wing is also in tandem with this. Is UMNO playing it up to cast doubts in the minds of people who wanted a more powerful opposition and voted PAS? Is UMNO playing mindgames with us? Lulu would not be surprised that they want to discredit PAS.



Richard said...

The bottom line is umno is desperate and will sleep with anyone even if they have AID or VD so as to remain in power.

Dances With Wolves

thinking said...

Good summary, Lulu. I think you nailed it straight on the head. Going into direct negotiations with PAS over the heads of the component parties in W. and E. Malaysia signals utter disrespect, no matter how UMNO will try to sugarcoat it.

I hope that Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang and the Youth Wing will continue to cockblock those horny gits in PAS who are so eager to jump into bed with UMNO for the sake of power and money. Now when UMNO needs PAS, UMNO will make all sorts of promises and whisper sweet nothings about Malay unity and religion into PAS's ears.

Think about it, PAS. If the PM and UMNO can betray their allies now for the sake of preserving their power, they will discard PAS in the same manner (or worse) when PAS no longer serve their purpose. Don't be fooled again by UMNO's treacherous words. Remember how UMNO repeatedly betrayed and sidelined PAS and their supporters for years. Don't mistake UMNO's bribery attempts for penance. UMNO has not said they are sorry.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

If UMNO talks about Malays and muslim rights verses chinese / indians threats, there are no hints of racism or sedition.

If DAP or PR said save the Chinese and indians, the eagles will desend and ISA will be invoked.

What kind of political justice is this? Can anyone shed some light here -- the days are getting darker lately.

If truly UMNO and PAS want to band together and 'share' power, why not UMNO and PAS take the whole country for themselves and leave Penang to the Indians and Perak to the chinese, while Sabah and Sarawak is returned to the natives there.

It would be most interesting to see which territory progresses and which would wilt.

What do you think Lulu?

mr.thex said...

is this for real?i just cuouldnt accept it.oh no.