Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Things Warms Lulu’s Heart…. And Some Things [well, to put it nicely] Don’t

Yesterday, a 50-year-old rubber tapper and single mother watched proudly as her daughter Dr Puspha Raman received an award for best student at the 2008 Penang Medical College (PMC) confering ceremony.
“My father left us when we were very young. Even though there were relatives who offered to take one of her children, my mother decided to raise us and provide for us herself,” Puspha said when asked about her life. Her mother sold kuih, sewed and did other part time jobs to make end meets.

Pushpa would not have gotten to study medicine if it weren’t for the JPA scholarship. She is amongst the thousands of bright Malaysian students who need a scholarship in order to further their studies.

For a moment there, you feel this glow in your heart, a hope for a Malaysia which looks at merit and need of Malaysians.

Sad to say, Lulu was reminded of the ugly just as Lulu’s small-lil heart was warming up.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Umno-Pasir Salak) [photo here in case anyone wants to know what this low life looks like] is of the opinion that when non-bumiputeras are awarded JPA scholarships,
- it compromises on bumiputra rights,
- should only be reserved for Malays [note – he said Malays. Does not include the Orang Asals.]
- and it is at the expense of bumiputera students because “if we do that, we will fail in our national integration and unity”

grrr….. Boo Pasir Salak! boo! boo! boo!


student said...

if you don't mind,

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman = bullshit

fatboybakes said...

what an idiot and racist. its encouraging to note though that nazri is defending the 55:45 ratio for scholarships. (in today's SUN).

thinking said...

Such myopic and racist sentiments. This MP needs to remove the blinkers from his eyes and venture out of his mirror-wall ivory tower. Malaysia is made up of Malaysians of all races. All races contribute to the country's development, all are deserving of aid, with priority given to those who are most in need regardless of race, religion or creed.

I can't help but think that the reason why he is so fearful and keeps harping on this type of rubbish propaganda that non-Malays will be take advantage of is because he does not trust other races not to do to him what he has been doing to the others all this time.

All I can say, YB, if you are reading this, please open your eyes and come out of that narrow and toxic frame of mind you have been nurturing. Other people are not so selfish, insecure or paranoid as you. Many Malaysians out there don't believe you must beat down others in order for your rights to be protected. YB, you are entitled to your rights simply because you are a Malaysian and no one will deny or has the right to deny you that. This is your privilege not because you are a Malaysian of a certain race, but simply because you are a Malaysian. So stop spouting this fear, uncertainty and doubt which will only provoke mistrust between Malaysians towards other Malaysian. Don't let ignorance blind you to the fact that there are many non-bumiputra Malaysians who will not let their bumiputra brethren come to any harm and will not deprive the needy of the hand and help they need. They are able to open their hearts so big because they see all Malaysians as their brethren.

Open your eyes, YB.

CK said...

besides bung mokhtar, tajuddin rahman abdul rahman is another scumbag. tat's it.

Michael Sun said...

Hi Lulu

Actually I rejoice that Tajuddin Rahman said that. It is this type of UMNO racist leaders that will expedite the death of UMNO.

They are yesterday's men in today's world.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I really would like to take all these racist politicians and cast them with no possessions on a desert island and see how they fair..!

Anonymous said...

michael sun

agree with you absolutely.

such racists will always pretend that they are fighting for their race. the moment you turn your back, they will sodomise the nation with their corrupt acts.

wits0 said...

Low life racism is the fundamental raison d'être for umno. It's heart and soul.

The moronic copy cat and subsequently predatory component parties were played out very early in their miserable existence on the patronage of umno and clung to life just so as to serve their respective elites. These have to rightfully perish first.

Swinging 40 sumting said...

Dr M mentioned that the non bumiputra are the biggest tax payers to this country. So what the logic of 55:45 for scholarship? It should be given to those who need them, irrespective of race.