Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lulu's Heart Breaks For The People Of Trengganu

Lulu knows, you get the government you vote for.

Liew Chin Tong, in his article in Malaysian Insider, writes,
In the kampung, the headman is also Umno branch chairman. His wife is typically the branch wanita chief and occasionally, his son the youth chief. A long standing ketua sepuluh system, which requires an Umno member to "look after" 10 households in his neighbourhood provides the base for Umno's continuous electoral success.
In a typical kampung, the village head cum Umno branch chairman would know everyone by name; his wife may even know the names of the villagers' cats.
It is difficult not to support Umno in such setting especially all patronage is usually channelled through the headmen. Only a handful staunch Pas faithful would go against the tide and risk being ostracised.
The psyche of the Trengganu voters is very much like this.
It did not help that their bold attempt in 1999 where they voted in PAS was punished by the Federal government not giving them any money from the oil taken from their state.

But for Trengganu, the state which has the 2nd highest incidences of poverty, Lulu cannot understand, outside of greed and selfishness, how their leaders can spend RM3.43million on new 14 Mercedes Benzes for their own usage?
The cars they are currently using are Proton Perdanas, and they find the maintainance cost too high. A Mercedes, in their opinion, even though expensive, would be cheaper to maintain.
A Proton Perdana may not be the best-est car in the world, but you don't have to choose the most mahal option to gratify your greed.
Bearing in mind that the purchase of these cars do not require duty payment, they could have instead bought [using Langkawi price as the indicator] Honda Accord 2.4l at RM106k or the Toyota Camry 2.4l at slightly under RM100K, instead of spending RM245K/Mercedes.

Lulu knows the Mercedes looks nice, they feel like they're so "posh" riding in the cars, but Lulu thinks the sight of them riding their fancy cars past people living in poverty would only bring spit rolling to the tip of the people's tongue to ptui it on the cars.

WHat happens when they finally get the Petronas money?
Will the leaders have the heart, compassion and conscience to use it to lift the living conditions of the people?
Will they hoard the money for themselves such that on paper, the average income of the people has increased but in reality, the money only went to a few pockets?

Looking at how they're spending the "ini bukan duit royalti" money, Lulu is worried that it will be the latter.



Anonymous said...

As usual, what the politicians makes no sense at all and are full of logical holes, but they expect us to believe it and "kes tutup". Or they just create another new hoo-haa for distraction. We should know by now that's the way the do it here.

What would help is if the journalists understand what is "journalism", and ASK the politicians during these interviews/press conferences when they detect bullshit.

I had the same idea as you - why not buy the Accord or Camry instead, if they really wanted low-maintenance and resale value? Isn't the resale value of these cars BETTER than the Mercedes E200?

Our journalists should have asked this exact question at the time!!

What about when the politicians keep asking for Anwar's DNA? A journalist asked the right thing - why not use the sample from 10 years ago! Then some bright spark that's our PM (who's not a doctor) says that it can't be used because it's expired. The journalist should have asked, But do you know DNA profiles are just information and always the same, they don't "expire"?

They say bloggers have the power to change our society - but journalists still have the biggest power: direct access to the some sources that's out of reach for bloggers, and the captive ears and eyes of the non-online audience. They should bloody well do something about it.

I hope that when the journalists' children are left with bigoted, racist and wasteful country, they can look at their children in the eye, and tell them that they are a part of the machinery lied and reported rubbish to the populace and helped to create such a country.

Anonymous said...

Its party time - when they finally get the Petronas money!

The pendudok kampong ? Be damned - & try to seek crumbs from the 10th spilled-overs.

This is the story of 'gaya must ada'!

denzook said...

if you read yesterday news, you'll know that there's recent shooting case where a businessmen ridded with 30 bullets, and still survive - all thanks to his mercedez benz.

our excos' lives are precious, esp after ge 12. and if the businessman drives "perdana", sure cannot survive even with 1 bullet.....

Anonymous said...

Many might not know of a possible alleged hidden agenda - that these hardworking Exco members can buy their assigned vehicles cheap cheap after 2 years. Now these boyz and gurls are damn smart hoh, who wants a 2 year old Perdana if a Masidi is so much more better ah.

Anonymous said...

Adoh, what Lulu knows? Mercedes is many times better than Camry, Accord and Perdana. Who cares what the people think? It's important to act and enjoy being a bigshot. Maybe also act like a Sultan and royalty. Poor people? There are no poor people in Trengganu...

Anonymous said...

Yup - Lulu - Trengganu got the govt (BN) they deserve!
Yes, these guys get to enjoy the Mercs then get to buy them cheap-cheap in a couple of years. So even Ahmad Said's comment on better resale value is a LIE! He and his cohorts just get to cheat the state coffers even more - that's all!

Each of them deserve to die in their shiny Mercs

Anonymous said...

It is reward time after the hard work put in after the 2008 election.

Smart move for the ex-co members/MB but pity the poor rakyat.

The MB sure has long term views, after five years the ex-co can 'buy' the Merc at a song.

Malaysia Boleh and UMNO boleh...