Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lulu's Delusional Prime Minister

“The police are trying to reduce hindrances and traffic jams (that would be caused if the demonstration go on) too,” he said, adding that businesses and shops expected the police to ensure disturbances do not occur.
- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, defending the police for setting up roadblocks around the city in anticipation of a public demonstration, causing massive traffic jams.

You know the Cranberries hit, “Zombies”?
The chorus popped up in Lulu’s little head as she read the PM’s comment.
What's in your head in your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie

In our PM’s head, the road blocks reduced hindrances and traffic jams.
In our PM’s head, he is also an Islam Hadhari-st, wise, capable and clever leader.

Please excuse Lulu whilst she goes roll her eyeballs.


Anonymous said...


of course, it reduces traffic jam coz it forcs all the big shots to travel by helicopter.

Please, can we have a less stupid PM?

Anonymous said...

whats in his head... parrot-type?

Anonymous said...

I am ashame to have badawi as our prime minister. Is he insane or plain stupid??? He is a stupid zombie with no head.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's a perfectly honest (choose any or all the answers below):
a) slip of the tongue
b) misquoted by insiduous pesky news reporters (oops, it's the MSM reporters, sollee hah)
c) slip of the mind - into neutral gear or gostan gear,
d) it's the influence of the Aussie PM's visit - upside down logic wat.

Actually what the big man (orang besar) meant was "the mata mata was there to reduce traffic speed and jam up the hindrances.

Anonymous said...

If you think having a Peebrain guy at the helm is bad......

wait till you get BIG FOOT from kinabatankan as the foreign minister......

then Malaysia will be the only joke in the world

- Anarchy

wits0 said...

Correct, delusional, he believes that you should believe in his propaganda. Their top level shares the same delusional tendency in various degree. This one in particular is the top zombie.

Anonymous said...

DSAI asked to give statement to police on (OF ALL THE DAYS) the eve of the debate.Why???SUN TZU says harassing the enemy so that he had no energies and preparations for the impending battles.BN lose another staunt supporter who votes for them in all GN.yes ,that ia ME.

wits0 said...

Bad awi's gomen must be regretting holding the Anwar - Shabby debate. seeing the "best of its best", falls flat on stage isn't very comforting, despite how hogwashing Banana spins the result upside down in an act of utter inversion of reality(spit!). Something that even the dud Star and MI daren't!

Khun Pana said...

The disease spread like a wild fire.
Botak Hamid hallucinated that zombies will be attacking the parliament .
The next person who caught this disease is Bakri Mat Zenin .
How he was promoted as CID chief is still a mystery.
Not sure what he took for his lunch and he started to imagined that DSAI wont be dropping by at the IPK that day.
This was the same CID sicko who cautioned Anwar not to turn up within 5 km from the Parliament , and he was the same sicko who instructed Anwar to go to Jalan Travels balai polis.
And yes, he was the same sicko who assaulted Raja Petra in Dang Wangi balai polis.