Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lulu Wishes That The Government Could And Would Address Lulu's Concerns

Lulu wishes that the government would be wiser in their spending.
The government, prior to the mid term review, had announce that they will postpone/cancel whatever projects which were not neccesary.

Lulu was hoping our koridor-koridor would be those under consideration.

In a briefing conducted by a professor recently prior to the re-convening of Parliament this round, someone asked him what can we expect from this statement, what does he think will be postponed, what do we need to look out for.
Prof answered honestly that he did not know, but he suspects that the motive would be political, not ecconomical.

Lulu hates it that the Prof was right. Penang's PORR and the monorail has been postponed indefinetly. As much as the PM and his meek looking muka pucat tak dapat tidur DPM have denied it, we all know why they cancel it. We know it and they know it too.

And instead they have opted to keep our real estate mega project. Not just keep the corridors, but increase the allocation as the cost of development has gone up.

Lulu has no qualms about investing for the future, but not when
1. tenders given out for these projects are hush-hush. If it was an open tender, at least we know that we are taking the best package, not just in terms of $$, but also in quality and delivery. Instead, we take the best friend and their top personal and party donor.
2. we do not have the people to staff the manufacturing base that they are planning for. Look at almost any factory in Malaysia, and you will see that their general workers which makes up 80% or more of their workforce comprise of foreign workers. Its not that these factories hire them because they are cheaper [in reality, not much cheaper, if cheaper at all cos they have to pay all kinds of agency fee, the middleman who expedits the approval fees and their accomodation and transport], but because they cannot find locals who are willing to work in a factory.
3. Moving up the value chain, we do not have the quality professionals even though we are massive graduate manufacturers, passing out all kinds of graduates in varying quality from universities which exist as a result of an election promise.

Lulu wishes that the government could and would address Lulu's concerns.
Lulu has seen how this build-it-and-they-will-come fail in the Port Klang Free Zone and forgot-whats-the-name movie village. Lulu does not think that these corridors will have a happier ending than them.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you. Malaysia will never have sufficient quality professionals because the quality ones most likely will be working in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, UK, etc, etc. What to do when you are told you do not belong to the country but are only a pendatang - even though you were born here before 1957.

A concerned citizen