Friday, July 04, 2008

Lulu Thinks We Will See More Of Najib's Big Heartedness Again

Yesterday, Private detective P Balasubramaniam revealed details of his stunning statutory declaration which had linked Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.
A declaration like that would have killed the political career of a lesser being. Everyone talked about it. It was so big and explosive, no fourth floor could make it disappear. The TV news may have taken the angle of Najib's denial and our PM's no-comment for him, but they first have to mention that a PI had sworn that Najib knew Altantuya.

And today, the day after all the pakciks and makciks went to sleep thinking "betul ka ni?", the declarator retracts his sworn declaration claiming that he was under duress when he signed it.
This P Balasubramian dragged Najib's name into mud and now tells everyone that it was a pack of lies and that he was compelled to affirm the July 1 declaration under duress.

Ahhh.... any normal mortal would have demamded blood. If not then sue the pants of P Balasubramaniam. And since it was a sworn declaration with a mahkamah chop, demand that he spends time in jail for a false declaration.
Lulu suspects that we will see Najib's big heartedness.
He will forgive P Balasubramaniam.
He will invite him, the man who was under duress and in turn caused him duress, under his wings.
He will ask us not to burn him at the stake.
He will not demand for blood like us lesser mortals.
He will insist we push this epiosode behind us and forge forward, for the sake of the country.

Najib is so big hearted, no wonder why he is still married to Rosmah till today.
Big hearted Najib.
Lulu hopes you sleep well again.


ycg said...

come on lulu. are you so sure that some of the initial SD are not fabricated to spice up the allegation? is the PI's integrity so questionable? if so, anwar must be really desperate to use his statements. man...dollah & kj must be laughing their ass off now. more zzz for dollah this few days.

Anonymous said...

It takes 2 to tango, so Big Hearted Najib PLUS Big Bank Account Bala

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Najib who is the one who sodomize Saiful and frame it on Anwar?

DHS said...

Omigod, this Bala PI must have been retained by Hamidah to help her prove her point.

Michael Sun said...

Hi Lulu

Greetings from UK.

You can be so sarcastic and witty at the same time. Typical of British MPs.

It does not rain but pours and Malaysian politics is getting hotter and juicier by the day.

Missed the fun again.

Anonymous said...

The withdrawal of Najib's parts makes it even more juicier. If Najib is hurt, why not seek court damages? Defamation lawuit? Billions? Apology in court? Official retraction in a court of law?

Anonymous said...

The truth may not prevail immediately but divine law of cause and effects will take place this year. When the shit hits the fan, watch for the news in September. The divine laws of karma never fails.

Whoever sues me will bear the full heat of the divine laws. I pray, So be it!! The politicians will be the first batch.

The truth do prevail not in man-made laws but manifest in the law of the karma.


Hitam Had said...

Lulu, I am sure big hearted Najib will do his best to let you sleep safe. After all he is the Chairman of the Armed Forces Council which is charged with the responsibility for the operational use of the Armed Forces, which appears to be outside the general authority of DYMM YDP Agong(I hope I am wrong in interpreting his powers over the Armed Forces).