Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lulu Is Never Ever Going To Attend Any Of Samy Vellu's Dinner

ok. not like she's going to be invited to any in the first place.

it's scary reading in the NST today how he treated the guests of his dinner for branch chairmen yesterday evening.

Many began to leave immediately after having their food, an hour before the function was due to end.
Our upset hero, Samy Vellu, walked around the Dewan Tun Razak Hall at the Putra World Trade Centre and ordered those who were about to leave to sit and wait till the event ended.
He even went outside the hall and corralled those who had been smoking back inside.
He then ordered the guards to close the shutters to all the entrances to ensure that no one left the hall.

After that, he took the mike, scolded those who were trapped in the hall, "You must be wondering why is this idiot doing all this? If you think this was a waste of time, I apologise. I will not make such arrangements in future,"
Then he requested for the event to end in five minutes.

Lulu would be most uphappy if she were one of the guests.
The really strange thing is that in spite of the lack of respect both the guests and Samy have shown each other, he will probably be returned as MIC President. Unless of course, the MIC delegates do a Sungai Siput on Samy Vellu.


Khun Pana said...

Dont be too harsh on Semi , after all he was a former minister for many many years.
I will attend his free dinner if invited.
As food prices getting higher i will "bungkus" doggy bag the food and leave in a hurry.
I believe Semi is losing his marbles by padlocking doors and gates to prevent people from leaving.
The hand gesture made by Bung (Kinabatangan MP )seems to be the right thing to show to Semi .

Monster Mom said...

Don't you know who I am ???

I am Samy, the He-Man of the world. I have the powerrr!!!

So, Samy + He-man jadi SaMan!!!

Crankshaft said...

ok. not like she's going to be invited to any in the first place.

Sorry babe. Wrong race. But this is why we need a Bangsa Malaysia more than ever.

I don't need an event where you aren't invited. I hope the feeling is mutual, too.

One day, there won't be a need to address "Indian issues" or "Chinese issues" or "Malay issues". There will only be Malaysian issues.

Anonymous said...

I will pay good money to attend the dinner just to see if he wore his toupee upside down.



Anonymous said...

like the chinese saying.."bring down the shutter and let go the dogs. you aint going anywhere"
what goes around, comes around. pathetic man in his last leg of political career.

wits0 said...

All the pujas from the most expensive rogue sorcerer gurus in India cannot set his toupee right enough for him to gain back his position of power anymore. A Humpty Dumpty case.

KaKiaYam said...

isn't that constitute illegal confinement?


Anonymous said...

lol dis is freaking funny !
oni sammy can do it

Anonymous said...

If you want to let yourself be threatened, so be it. Kalu bodoh tu bodohlah,sit and be threatened

Birds Talking Too said...

AH! Sam again!

Still wondering why da press still bother to cover such stories unless it is classified under "humour" (or humus) section.
Drop Dead Sam! X Files coming!