Sunday, July 06, 2008

argh.... Lulu Can't Take Any More Of These Surprises

earlier this week, Lulu learnt of Najib's caring character.

Today, Lulu learns that the police force is quite proactive.
ok... maybe their timing not so right as the date they choose to do this exercise just happens to be the eve of PROTES.
But you really have to tabik them for such a prompt and caring response to a robbery in Kepong.
What next?
Lulu's going to find out that our PM is actully quite intelligent?
This is too much. Lulu's faint heart can't take much more of this. Lulu needs to rest now. goodnight and take care


Anonymous said...

from scale of 1 to 10 for credibility, whats the score?
our familie are down in melaka from KL to celebrate a joyous occassion but has now turned sour. one of my aunties is now in hospital with broken collar bone and severe swell in the head.we are praying she will be alrite. she is a victim of snatch thief in broad daylight. the nurse told us its nothing new and one perished recently in the hospital carpark due to similar dastardly act.
freaking police, wish you are as good in preventing above crimes. no, you spend more time in other nonsense;pretending to conduct crime prevention exercise as a cover-up against Protes.
When the day of reckoning comes, hope you fellas will perish in hell. Dont worry, i will join you in the sufferings;yes for voting BN bastards in before.

derrick said...

Coming out fm parent's place (Klang) bk to my home in Klang Lama last nite, i was thinking while driving, guess tonite will have road blocks. And true to my guessing, there are two i encountered on the way back, one before the Sg Rasa toll (Klang) and another along Klang Lama road. Crime prevention? Yeah rite...another fine example of how we are treated like lil kids, expecting us to believe everything that comes out fm their mouth...

Crankshaft said...

Wah, you sempat blog last night ah? :)

Such a coincidence, the government is bringing in the armed forces now eh?

Anonymous said...

The police are merely making sure that nobody else would be gomorrahized in this country

Anonymous said...

The police are merely making sure that nobody else would be gomorrahized in this country

huey mei said...

hahaha....doin roadblock is easier then going to a robbery scene