Monday, July 28, 2008

Lulu Prays God Is Protecting This Family

It's just like the movie plot of a thriller.

You have your regular joe, an average guy, a family man, working as a doctor in a private hospital.
One day, a patient walks in asking for a medical examination and after that, his life is never the same again.
He is caught in a web of lies, a plot to bringdown a powerful opposition member.
The police takes him in for questioning. Instead of being treated as a witness, they treat him like an accomplice.
And now, the doctor and his family are on the run.
Hiding from the police.
Hiding from the authorities.
Hiding....from the government.
His life changed after an encounter with a young man at 2.00pm on 28 June 2008.
It will never be the same again.
May God protect this man and his family.

Go read more about it @ No Holds Barred

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some of Lulu's Thoughts on The UMNO-PAS Discussion

Lulu was not able to blog about it cos there were so many developments on this issue, so much that Lulu does not understand, and Lulu just could not catch up with the issue.

UMNO and PAS has been in discussions on power sharing. So far, 3 meetings have been held. So far, UMNO has admitted to offering to share power with PAS in Selangor after the March general election

The PM has stated that UMNO has the right to negotiate with any party form the state government.

1. They were attended by the PM himself, whereas on PAS side, they sent the 2nd layer [not the top guns] for the discussion. Lulu thinks this shows how desperate the PM is, and how care less / careful PAS is. [Care less as in they dont really care for such meetings, not that they were careless in sending mid-management for the discussion]

2. If UMNO has the right to sendiri jalankan negotiation and promising PAS all kinds of positions and means to wealth and power, Lulu is wondering if this would mean that the other component parties has the right to negotiate with DAP [not that they want to] to negotiate forming the state government in Perak.

3. Lulu cannot help but to think that this is an act of betrayal to the other component parties of Barisan Nasional. The Peninsular parties which run mainly on a racial line has been speaking up against PAS and the formation of an Islamic state whereas the East Malaysia parties would lose their bargaining power and kingmaker status.
Just as MIC has blocked the way for IPF to enter Barisan, Lulu would think that the other component parties, some for selfish reasons and some [if any] for noble reasons would block the entry of PAS into the ruling Barisan Nasional.
but then again, these are low-life greedy UMNO idiots who behave like they're the almighty we are talking about, so, Lulu guesses there's no issue of principles and integrity and absolutely no need for respect to your coalition partners. It does not help that the partners treat UMNO like they're the almighty, allowing to behave like nasty warlords of a corrupt dictatorial nation.
It remains to be seen what will happen during the explain everything meeting.
Will the partners protest and demand for what is right and correct, or will they ask the PM how high when he asks them to jump.

4. Is there such a thing as be partner for one state only? Would that mean that in Selangor, you are partners whereas in PAS led Kelantan and UMNO led Trengganu you are rivals? What sort of relationship is this? This sounds as bizzare as some soap opera you catch on tv.

5. A little bird told Haris Ibrahim what was power-sharing with PAS is only half of it. Haris' source revealed that PAS was also offered to power-share at the federal level. He offered PAS 4 ministerial and 3 deputy ministerial positions. This would eliminate the bizareness of #4, but heightens problem #3. Also, would that mean that some of the current ministers would have to give up their ministership [and the fancy Proton Perdana which comes with the job], or the PM would create new positions?

6. UMNO sounds as if they're flogging a dead horse. PAS head honchos - Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz have already affirmed their allegiance with Pakatan and the Youth Wing is also in tandem with this. Is UMNO playing it up to cast doubts in the minds of people who wanted a more powerful opposition and voted PAS? Is UMNO playing mindgames with us? Lulu would not be surprised that they want to discredit PAS.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Betcha Lulu’s Blood Is Boiling

"We must first get rid of the politics of hate, slander and revenge among the Malays."
- Pompous racist idiot Khir Toyo
Lulu has no problems with the ridding the politics of hate, slander and revenge among the Malays.

But the sad thing is, you know how this pompous racist idiot plans to achieve this?
The pompous racist idiot says,
It must begin with the younger generation understanding that a Malay majority is only meaningful if it is used to better the Malays.
You know what else the pompous racist idiot said?
He said this [UMNO's failure in courting PAS to jointly rule Selangor] was proven by the fact that Anwar was being supported by 'extremist' Chinese and Indians via opposition party DAP and the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

In this pompous racist idiot’s pompous racist mind, anyone who is not a subservient dog like those lame MCA and MIC etc are extremists.

Excuse me…………. Lulu is a love everyone, love Malaysia Malaysian.
Most of us are.
And it sickens Lulu to read trash like this.

Lulu detests and abhors this UMNO game of unity which calls for instilling hate of fellow Malaysians into the Malay community to unite the Malays.

If you’re in a bad mood already, go check out his blog. Lulu is not going to provide you the link to that detestable place.
You can also read it on Malaysiakini.

Monday, July 21, 2008

You Know What Lulu Wished They Had Talked About?

New Straits Times and the Star headlined Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's revelation that he had met PAS leaders thrice to discuss issues on Islam and Malay unity.
Both Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian also led with the premier's disclosure that he had met PAS top leaders on three occasions.
Sin Chew Daily and China Press frontpaged Prime Miniser Abdullah admitting that he has meet PAS decision-makers three times, to discuss Malay Unity and Islamic issues.

You know what Lulu wished they talked about?
Justice, mercy and their relationship with God.
Malay unity and Islamic issues are nothing but vanity if you are unable to display Godly virtues.

He has shown you, O man, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
And to walk humbly with your God

- taken from the Bible Micah 6:8

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lulu's Heart Breaks For The People Of Trengganu

Lulu knows, you get the government you vote for.

Liew Chin Tong, in his article in Malaysian Insider, writes,
In the kampung, the headman is also Umno branch chairman. His wife is typically the branch wanita chief and occasionally, his son the youth chief. A long standing ketua sepuluh system, which requires an Umno member to "look after" 10 households in his neighbourhood provides the base for Umno's continuous electoral success.
In a typical kampung, the village head cum Umno branch chairman would know everyone by name; his wife may even know the names of the villagers' cats.
It is difficult not to support Umno in such setting especially all patronage is usually channelled through the headmen. Only a handful staunch Pas faithful would go against the tide and risk being ostracised.
The psyche of the Trengganu voters is very much like this.
It did not help that their bold attempt in 1999 where they voted in PAS was punished by the Federal government not giving them any money from the oil taken from their state.

But for Trengganu, the state which has the 2nd highest incidences of poverty, Lulu cannot understand, outside of greed and selfishness, how their leaders can spend RM3.43million on new 14 Mercedes Benzes for their own usage?
The cars they are currently using are Proton Perdanas, and they find the maintainance cost too high. A Mercedes, in their opinion, even though expensive, would be cheaper to maintain.
A Proton Perdana may not be the best-est car in the world, but you don't have to choose the most mahal option to gratify your greed.
Bearing in mind that the purchase of these cars do not require duty payment, they could have instead bought [using Langkawi price as the indicator] Honda Accord 2.4l at RM106k or the Toyota Camry 2.4l at slightly under RM100K, instead of spending RM245K/Mercedes.

Lulu knows the Mercedes looks nice, they feel like they're so "posh" riding in the cars, but Lulu thinks the sight of them riding their fancy cars past people living in poverty would only bring spit rolling to the tip of the people's tongue to ptui it on the cars.

WHat happens when they finally get the Petronas money?
Will the leaders have the heart, compassion and conscience to use it to lift the living conditions of the people?
Will they hoard the money for themselves such that on paper, the average income of the people has increased but in reality, the money only went to a few pockets?

Looking at how they're spending the "ini bukan duit royalti" money, Lulu is worried that it will be the latter.


Friday, July 18, 2008

ah... Lulu Has Been Waiting For This Transcript

Lulu watched this bit over the news on Wednesday. The sparring from Dr Wan Azizah was excellent, leaving the one who is not her son-in-law slightly shaken.

found a video of the proceeding. lulu loves the "macam mana"!

pg59 of the Hansard recording
Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail [Permatang Pauh]: Terima kasih Tuan Yang
di-Pertua kerana memberikan peluang. Saya hendak tanya kenapa Yang Berhormat Rembau
minta DNA daripada suami saya. Setakat sekarang ini, laporan polis yang dibuat tidak diberikan kepada kami. Macam mana Yang Berhormat Rembau boleh tahu dan hendak minta DNA sekarang? [Disorak] Bagaimana Yang Berhormat Rembau boleh tahu apa dalam laporan polis?
Itu yang saya hendak tanya Yang Berhormat Rembau, kenapa masih belum masuk court, belum lagi kena dakwa, belum apa-apa lagi. Pukul dua nanti akan pergi ke IPK - IPP, tetapi kenapa Yang Berhormat Rembau minta DNA? Bagaimana Yang Berhormat Rembau tahu? Apakah Yang Berhormat Rembau tahu content dalam laporan polis? Itu soalan saya. [Dewan riuh]
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar [Rembau]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya hendak jelaskan. Pertamanya, laporan polis tidak diberikan kepada Ketua Pembangkang sebab suami beliau masih lagi tidak memberi keterangan kepada polis. [Dewan riuh] Masih lagi tidak lagi menghadirkan diri!
Kedua, Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya hendak jawab....[Dewan riuh]
Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail [Permatang Pauh]: [Bangun]
Tuan Mohamed Azmin bin Ali [Gombak]: [Bangun]
Tuan N. Gobalakrishnan [Padang Serai]: [Bangun]
Tuan Mohd. Yusmadi bin Mohd. Yusoff [Balik Pulau]: [Bangun]
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar [Rembau]: Sila duduk. Sila duduk. Bawa bertenang.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat, duduk, Yang Berhormat. Yang Berhormat, duduk.
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar [Rembau]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, kedua, saya hendak beritahu Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya tidak tahu menahu tentang siasatan ini tetapi yang saya tahu, yang minta, yang tergerak hati saya untuk minta DNA ini secara sukarela diberi kepada pihak polis adalah bentuk laporan polis tersebut. Saya tidak hendak sebut di Dewan yang mulia ini tetapi bentuk laporan polis yang dibuat adalah tuduhan-tuduhan liwat dan salah satu...
Tuan Mohamed Azmin bin Ali [Gombak]: [Bangun]
DR. 16.7.2008
Tuan N. Gobalakrishnan [Padang Serai]: [Bangun]
Tuan Mohd. Yusmadi bin Mohd. Yusoff [Balik Pulau]: [Bangun]
Tuan Gobind Singh Deo [Puchong]: [Bangun]
Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Sudah, Yang Berhormat. Sudah, Yang Berhormat.
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar [Rembau]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua sebagai lawyer salah satu bukti yang diperlukan untuk memastikan bahawa ada homosexual intercourse adalah bukti DNA, Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Kita perlukan DNA!
Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Baik, Yang Berhormat. Sudah, sudah, Yang Berhormat.
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar [Rembau]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, sorry, Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Saya perlu jawab sampai habis.
Tuan Gobind Singh Deo [Puchong]: [Bercakap tanpa pembesar suara]
Tuan Mohamed Azmin bin Ali [Gombak]: [Bercakap tanpa pembesar suara]
Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Sudah habis masa, Yang Berhormat.
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar [Rembau]: Hendak bagi DNA. Ini tuduhan liwat, maknanya ada homosexual anal intercourse! Ada penetration!
Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Masa Yang Berhormat sudah habis.

Watching his pompous, smug, arrogant face really disturbs Lulu. May God have mercy on us and never allow Khairy to fulfil his ambitious desires of being the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

pg 49 onwards of the transcript contains this low life's speech. Lulu highly recommends you read it.

Some Things Warms Lulu’s Heart…. And Some Things [well, to put it nicely] Don’t

Yesterday, a 50-year-old rubber tapper and single mother watched proudly as her daughter Dr Puspha Raman received an award for best student at the 2008 Penang Medical College (PMC) confering ceremony.
“My father left us when we were very young. Even though there were relatives who offered to take one of her children, my mother decided to raise us and provide for us herself,” Puspha said when asked about her life. Her mother sold kuih, sewed and did other part time jobs to make end meets.

Pushpa would not have gotten to study medicine if it weren’t for the JPA scholarship. She is amongst the thousands of bright Malaysian students who need a scholarship in order to further their studies.

For a moment there, you feel this glow in your heart, a hope for a Malaysia which looks at merit and need of Malaysians.

Sad to say, Lulu was reminded of the ugly just as Lulu’s small-lil heart was warming up.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Umno-Pasir Salak) [photo here in case anyone wants to know what this low life looks like] is of the opinion that when non-bumiputeras are awarded JPA scholarships,
- it compromises on bumiputra rights,
- should only be reserved for Malays [note – he said Malays. Does not include the Orang Asals.]
- and it is at the expense of bumiputera students because “if we do that, we will fail in our national integration and unity”

grrr….. Boo Pasir Salak! boo! boo! boo!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lulu's Delusional Prime Minister

“The police are trying to reduce hindrances and traffic jams (that would be caused if the demonstration go on) too,” he said, adding that businesses and shops expected the police to ensure disturbances do not occur.
- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, defending the police for setting up roadblocks around the city in anticipation of a public demonstration, causing massive traffic jams.

You know the Cranberries hit, “Zombies”?
The chorus popped up in Lulu’s little head as she read the PM’s comment.
What's in your head in your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie

In our PM’s head, the road blocks reduced hindrances and traffic jams.
In our PM’s head, he is also an Islam Hadhari-st, wise, capable and clever leader.

Please excuse Lulu whilst she goes roll her eyeballs.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lulu Wonders If The Jln Travers Police Station Is Within A 5km Radius From Parliament

Unlike rallies organised to show support for the Prime Minister where with so little information disseminated on where and when can be found online or in the newspaper and yet can still get [kononnya] 30,0o0 people to come support, rallies organised by the opposition is made known via many channels - leaflets, sms-es, announcements onlines through websites, blogs and forums. If there is a rally, ordinary people like Lulu would have heard about it.

So, Lulu was surprised to read that the police was mounting roadblocks around the city because of a rally.
Rally? what rally? How come Lulu didnt know there was a rally coming up?
and suddenly, Anwar comes into the picture.
Anwar disclaims knowledge or intention of a rally, stressing that the PR never made any decision to hold a gathering at the Parliament or its grounds on Monday.

The Star follows on to report that 'on a different matter, Anwar would be at the Travers police station at 2pm to give his statement over allegations that he had sodomised 23-year-old Saiful Bukhari Azlan."
This made Lulu wonder, does the Jln Travers police station fall within 5km of Parliament?
Is that the real intention of the court injunction?
Is the focal point the police station and not Parliament?
ahhh... what do you think?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lulu Says It Should Not Be About Tit For Tat

Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) youth chief Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor said he will divulge the secrets of PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibahim if he is linked to a political conspiracy over the sodomy report.
Mohammad Ezam said he would divulge all he knew about Anwar although it would bring disgrace to his children and family as he wanted to defend his dignity after talks claimed that he received millions of ringgit to join UMNO.

What is there to "if" about?
If Ezam knows about some bad, bad thing Anwar has done, he should tell us about it here and now.
What Ezam is doing now sounds pretty much like threatening with a dose of blackmail.
If you ___, I will ___.

If it is wrong, it is wrong. Do not gleefuly hold on to this knowledge of wrongdoing in exchange for silence on the other party. That is wrong.

Ezam, it's time you bring out the evidence.
Regain your much lost credibility.
Help us to be able to see you as a man of dignity.

btw, it's not just Ezam. There are also a few other politicians who have done the "dont force me to tell all" thingy. To them, Lulu says the same thing, if it is wrong, expose them. Stop threatening.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lulu Is Never Ever Going To Attend Any Of Samy Vellu's Dinner

ok. not like she's going to be invited to any in the first place.

it's scary reading in the NST today how he treated the guests of his dinner for branch chairmen yesterday evening.

Many began to leave immediately after having their food, an hour before the function was due to end.
Our upset hero, Samy Vellu, walked around the Dewan Tun Razak Hall at the Putra World Trade Centre and ordered those who were about to leave to sit and wait till the event ended.
He even went outside the hall and corralled those who had been smoking back inside.
He then ordered the guards to close the shutters to all the entrances to ensure that no one left the hall.

After that, he took the mike, scolded those who were trapped in the hall, "You must be wondering why is this idiot doing all this? If you think this was a waste of time, I apologise. I will not make such arrangements in future,"
Then he requested for the event to end in five minutes.

Lulu would be most uphappy if she were one of the guests.
The really strange thing is that in spite of the lack of respect both the guests and Samy have shown each other, he will probably be returned as MIC President. Unless of course, the MIC delegates do a Sungai Siput on Samy Vellu.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

errr... terharu? Lulu Laughed!

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak berkata beliau amat terharu dengan kerelaan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk melepaskan jawatan Presiden UMNO dan Pengerusi Barisan Nasional (BN) kepada beliau pada pertengahan tahun 2010.

saya rasa amat terharu dan bertuah apabila Yang Amat Berhormat (Abdullah) memberi kepercayaan kepada saya

.-Bernama via everyone's favourite press

Lulu Wonders If The PM Will Badawi Us Come 2010

[in case you have not seen it yet]
badawi [baa-daa-wee] (noun): To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.
‘I’m trusting you to perform this task well; don’t do a badawi, ok?’
'Whatever I do, I will always find a way to badawise it.’
France badawied their Euro 2008 campaign. England pre-badawied theirs,while Italy were guilty of over-badawification.

Do you think the PM will badawi us in June 2010?
He could say,
oh... nation in crisis. need me to stay on to resolve all the problems.
DPM [by then, dunno if Najib sttill DPM or not] not ready yet.
I'm not used to flying first class anymore after having tasted the luxury of private jets

sigh... Lulu wishes he'd just get it over and done with.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lulu Is Not Comfortable With Anwar Taking The Case To Syariah Court

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim this morning lodged a report at the Federal Territory Religious Department against Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan saying the 23-year-old former aide has falsely accused him of fornication.
The complaint, referred to as qazaf in Islamic law, is to request a probe into ‘false allegations’ pertaining to adultery or sexual misconduct.

Lulu is concerned that this will mark the beginning of syariah law on criminal matters.
As it is, Syariah courts has the final say on what some call doubtful conversions which are brought up after death. They have also tried to intervene in a business entity decision.

You may laugh at the thought of how Saiful is going to produce four witnesses to the allegation, but what Anwar is also doing is opening up this Pandora box for Muslim accussed rapists to lodge qazaf on the Muslim women who lodge reports against them, leaving the Syariah court no choice but to compell the victims to produce 4 upright Muslim men who witness the crime.

Lulu is VERY concerned.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lulu Thinks You Will Remember This

We all know what happened on Feb 13, the day after, don't we?
kinda funny that this same shameless doofus lashed out at bloggers yesterday.
"All the slander and lies spread through the blogs and YouTube do not contribute to ease and confidence in the people," Bernama quoted him as saying at the monthly assembly of his department staff.

Lulu also finds it kinda funny thinking about how much more this PM of ours has contributed to the unease and distrusts in the people when he lies, flip-flops and gets all wishy washy.
Maybe he's geram cos of the joke about the new word in the 2009 dictionary going around blogs, emails and forums .
Maybe [since the trend today is conspiracy, conspiracy and more conspiracy], his speech writer has decided to jump ship but he-who-very-clever-can-catch-hints didnt realise it, read the speech wholesale not realising that he just painted the bullseye on his forehead.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lulu Suspects PM Has No Older Sister

cos up till today, he does seem to be going through his whole life without knowing he is a doofus.

the comic in full...

argh.... Lulu Can't Take Any More Of These Surprises

earlier this week, Lulu learnt of Najib's caring character.

Today, Lulu learns that the police force is quite proactive.
ok... maybe their timing not so right as the date they choose to do this exercise just happens to be the eve of PROTES.
But you really have to tabik them for such a prompt and caring response to a robbery in Kepong.
What next?
Lulu's going to find out that our PM is actully quite intelligent?
This is too much. Lulu's faint heart can't take much more of this. Lulu needs to rest now. goodnight and take care

Friday, July 04, 2008

Lulu Thinks We Will See More Of Najib's Big Heartedness Again

Yesterday, Private detective P Balasubramaniam revealed details of his stunning statutory declaration which had linked Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.
A declaration like that would have killed the political career of a lesser being. Everyone talked about it. It was so big and explosive, no fourth floor could make it disappear. The TV news may have taken the angle of Najib's denial and our PM's no-comment for him, but they first have to mention that a PI had sworn that Najib knew Altantuya.

And today, the day after all the pakciks and makciks went to sleep thinking "betul ka ni?", the declarator retracts his sworn declaration claiming that he was under duress when he signed it.
This P Balasubramian dragged Najib's name into mud and now tells everyone that it was a pack of lies and that he was compelled to affirm the July 1 declaration under duress.

Ahhh.... any normal mortal would have demamded blood. If not then sue the pants of P Balasubramaniam. And since it was a sworn declaration with a mahkamah chop, demand that he spends time in jail for a false declaration.
Lulu suspects that we will see Najib's big heartedness.
He will forgive P Balasubramaniam.
He will invite him, the man who was under duress and in turn caused him duress, under his wings.
He will ask us not to burn him at the stake.
He will not demand for blood like us lesser mortals.
He will insist we push this epiosode behind us and forge forward, for the sake of the country.

Najib is so big hearted, no wonder why he is still married to Rosmah till today.
Big hearted Najib.
Lulu hopes you sleep well again.

Lulu's Heart Swells Knowing That Her DPM Is Very Accesible To The Rakyat

most of us regard our nation's leaders as distant people. To meet them would be almost impossible. They live in big mansions with high fences. They have special forces and kaki bodeks surrounding them. Who are we to bring our plight to them? Hardly do they leave their lofty palaces to meet mere rakyat like Lulu unless it is a pr -as in public relations, not pakatan rakyat] exercise.

Hence, Lulu's heart swelled when she read about how accesible Najib is to a 23 year old "nobody".
Not once, but twice.
Not just at his office in a formal capacity, but also in his personal residence.
He (Saiful) came to the office to seek help for scholarship and he only met with my special officer.
He (also) came to my house because he needed help because he was so traumatised, so that was it.
DPM admits meeting sodomy complainant - Malaysiakini
ahh... who would have thought that Najib is such a kindly caring person that out of all the people this rakyat is distress could go to seek help and comfort, he chose to turn to Najib.
ahh... if only we had known, maybe we would not have been so hard on this sad looking man who has not had much sleep since the time Razak Baginda was arrested.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Believe It Or Not, Lulu's Kept SMSes From Y2003

mainly birth announcements from friends, job offer from competitor, that kind of thing.

Lulu wonders if Razak Baginda [the one who's wife says he has no ambition to be the Prime Minister] keeps his sms-es or not. the importants ones, like the one below.

Lulu Wishes That The Government Could And Would Address Lulu's Concerns

Lulu wishes that the government would be wiser in their spending.
The government, prior to the mid term review, had announce that they will postpone/cancel whatever projects which were not neccesary.

Lulu was hoping our koridor-koridor would be those under consideration.

In a briefing conducted by a professor recently prior to the re-convening of Parliament this round, someone asked him what can we expect from this statement, what does he think will be postponed, what do we need to look out for.
Prof answered honestly that he did not know, but he suspects that the motive would be political, not ecconomical.

Lulu hates it that the Prof was right. Penang's PORR and the monorail has been postponed indefinetly. As much as the PM and his meek looking muka pucat tak dapat tidur DPM have denied it, we all know why they cancel it. We know it and they know it too.

And instead they have opted to keep our real estate mega project. Not just keep the corridors, but increase the allocation as the cost of development has gone up.

Lulu has no qualms about investing for the future, but not when
1. tenders given out for these projects are hush-hush. If it was an open tender, at least we know that we are taking the best package, not just in terms of $$, but also in quality and delivery. Instead, we take the best friend and their top personal and party donor.
2. we do not have the people to staff the manufacturing base that they are planning for. Look at almost any factory in Malaysia, and you will see that their general workers which makes up 80% or more of their workforce comprise of foreign workers. Its not that these factories hire them because they are cheaper [in reality, not much cheaper, if cheaper at all cos they have to pay all kinds of agency fee, the middleman who expedits the approval fees and their accomodation and transport], but because they cannot find locals who are willing to work in a factory.
3. Moving up the value chain, we do not have the quality professionals even though we are massive graduate manufacturers, passing out all kinds of graduates in varying quality from universities which exist as a result of an election promise.

Lulu wishes that the government could and would address Lulu's concerns.
Lulu has seen how this build-it-and-they-will-come fail in the Port Klang Free Zone and forgot-whats-the-name movie village. Lulu does not think that these corridors will have a happier ending than them.