Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When Lulu Grows Up Lulu Wants To Be An 'Option Holder' of Petronas

forget all that doctor, actuarist, etc.
They probably earn peanut dust compared to the Option Holder of Petronas.

Gosh, if Lulu were an Option Holder, Lulu would be richer than Khairy, his wife, his 4th floor friends and their wives and relatives. Maybe still poorer than their nominees and "guna nama saja" friends cos they got a headstart, but who cares, cos Lulu would be rich! rich! rich!

What's so good about being an Option Holder?
Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan says 80% of the oil produced by Petronas is not sold directly to the world market but is channelled through six 'option holders' who obtain the supply from Petronas at below market prices.
ahh.... dont you want to be an Option Holder too?
Who do we send our offer to?

read more about what Jeffrey Kitingan has to say on this in his letter to Malaysiakini, no subscription required.


Patricia said...

I only discovered your blog today. Yah, lah, must be from another planet ;)

I read your post via Desiderata's blog, and decided to check you out.

To steal the words of another reader: You blog rocks! I'll be back (please say like Arnie in Terminator 2, k )!

Monster Mom said...

If that's the case then the Malaysians are being cheated yet again!!!!
Kudos to petronas!!!

Anonymous said...

WHO are the option holders? If they really exists, then we can now understand why this government cannot provide any more petrol subsidies.And imagine the billions of US$ squirreled away.

Jeffrey, if you can reveal the names, BN will surely fall.

Anonymous said...

These "bastards" non principled who prays to God and at the same time "pirating" the national coffers which are to be "shared" by all Malaysians and now lying and telling the poor Rakyats to tighten their belts so as to let them "enjoy their ill gotten gains". The poor Malaysians should curse them to die in agony after cheating and enjoying the "dosa" money.
These are the the people that should be ISA'ed for being "pengkhianat bangsa dan negara". Send them to HELL!!


Damocles said...

"Parti Keadilan Rakyat also demands that the system of having the six option holders be abolished."

This is absoultely, unmitigatingly shocking!
And they covered it so well that I think it is only now that something is revealed.
Since when did Dr Jeffrey know about it? He should have revealed it at the earliest instance if he has a conscience.
Is it any wonder that the BN government, especially those in UMNO is fighting nail & tooth to ensure that BN reigns?
Is it also any wonder that everything in this country is cloaked by the OSA?
All those who had a hand in siphoning money into their own pockets have to be made to reimburse the people of everything that they had pocked, in addition to jail terms for CBT & cheating.

Lao' Cha said...

Option Holder is a term so vague it sounds like something nobody wants, since you have an option whether to hold it or not. However after they shit some light on it, you have a much better chance of having wet-dreams 24/7 than getting your hands on one of those 'option'. In layman term, an Option Holder is an Alibaba who makes money faster than he can count it.