Monday, June 09, 2008

Lulu's Pathetic Loser List [1]

Koh Tsu Koon was the third Chief Minister of Penang from 1990 to 2008.
In the recent elections, he gave up his state seat, aiming for a Federal seat. He ran for the Batu Kawan parliament seat, and lost [lost-lost-lost] to Prof Ramasamy by 9,465 votes. For every one person who voted him, two people did not vote for him. It was quite a shameful loss to the man who led the state for 18 years, bringing "much progress" and all those other lovely airy-fairy story kinda thing to Penang.

Initially, he was complimented for his gentlemanly conceeding the win to Pakatan and attending his successor [as in CM successor, not Gerakan successor]'s swearing-in ceremony. He had also promised a smooth handover.

Then things went downhill.
His smooth handover included clean offices and empty files.
Then there was reports of illogical land deals which he was not willing to explain.
And then there was his pathetic attempt to claim credit, initially through his ex-PA, then now himself, in doing so much "solid groundwork" in bringing in investors to Penang. There was so much groundwork being done that in spite of being in digging the ground for 2 years plus, the investor did not [dare Lulu say "dare"?] seal the deal till a new government was in.
Just as Lulu was thinking, man... this is so pathetic, he goes down to a lower level of patheticness.

This, in from Malaysiakini,
Koh who is also Gerakan’s acting president, apparently last Thursday evening at a business seminar confirmed that Samsung, Naza and several more companies would be investing in Penang.

Is he so bitter that he would risk more jobs for Penangites by disclosing the companies which are still doing their due diligence?
What is in his heart? The welfare and the betterment of the Penangites? Glamour for himself?

Pathetic. Truly pathetic.


wits0 said...

A Koon the wimp actually needed more chin(in his 18 years) and less nose(now).

Kok Ben said...

Amazing entry that mirrors my thought... :)

I remember he mentioned he was willing to give up and quit his position as president of Gerakan... as a sign of "responsible" to the humiliated lost in March 8...

and then... Lee Kah Choon resigned and urged him to do so...

and then... he hid in dunno-which-cave for... errr... at least 2 months? CM Lim had met everyone affiliated with the state government, included Tun Lim Chang Eu... but not Dr Koh...

and then... Dr Koh popped out after the hide... and said (unofficially) that he will run for the presidency of Gerakan...

and then... this investor thingy pula...

Really pathetic ah~~

Gan said...

Initially, after GE12 when LGE won Penang - KTK was touted as a gentleman.

But alas, KTK - itu si-lembik, tak tahan lama - true colours sudah surface.

Just another poor and sore loser !!

wits0 said...

That's his true nature, ler, Gan. Even while in school he was like that. Good at keeping up appearance, temporarily suppressing inner resentment in front. Can therefore double speak easily. Star student then and won scholarships too and became crazily over qualified to have to end up as a politikus.

Clearly all the formal education available in this world mostly does little to modify a person's real inner nature. Hence it has been well said that mountain can change but human nature, not.