Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lulu's Once Upon A Time

once upon a time, a man received a special goose from his aunt.
it looked like a normal goose.
he received it from his aunt who told him that it was a special goose. it would lay golden eggs for him everyday.
10/day in the first 5 years.
then 5/day for the next 3 years
then 2/day for the following 2 years
and on the 10th year, the goose would lay no more.

the man received the gift like a durian runtuh.

with the eggs laid, the man took the golden eggs and sold them.
in no time, he became very rich.

he took the money and bought a big house.
and a big car.
big tvs
terra-menerra kitchen.
italian furnishing.
whatever luxury money could buy, he bought it.
whatever was in fashion, he'd buy it.

not being a wise man, he bought things which depreciated.
his big house was continuosly renovated. when roman pillars were in, he added them. then granite facade was in, and he granited his house. he added a gym when he saw a neighbour's gym. the children's playroom was equiped with a mini cinema and had playstations, nintendo-wi and x-box for each of his children. of course there was a swimming pool even though no one in his family could swim. he renovated and renovated and renovated till there was barely any garden left. to put it very bluntly, it was a very ugly monstrosity which no one in their right mind would buy.
he changed cars every other month. the luxury car salesman's phone number was #1 on his speed dial, ahead of his family members. his garage was like a picture of a car magazine, consistently displaying the latest models.
he spent his money on things which depriciated instead of investing it for the future.

as a father, he did not prepare his children for the reality of life. he spoilt them and bought them the latest toys. he never taught them the value of money, education or an honest days work. he did not save any money for his children's future, and he did not prepare them for life in the real world. You want? you throw tantrum, you get.

even though he knew [maybe he forgot] that his golden egg laying goose had an expiry date, he continued to live a wanton life.

one day, the goose stopped laying golden eggs.

once upon a time, a man received a special goose from his aunt and he wasted every opportunity the goose could have given him.

there will come a day we will tell our children and our granchildren, "once upon a time, Malaysia was an oil producing nation..."


KaKiaYam said...

lulu, you are so good with story telling. If only I can have you as my sunday school teacher....

kl said...

This story is so apt,......