Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lulu's Not Going To Fall For This

do you know that up to the afternoon a few hours before the PM announced the petrol price hike, Lulu did not believe the "did you hear, petrol's going up today?" news?
Lulu didn't.
Afterall, on 4th June, Shahrir had said that a new fuel subsidy scheme would most probably implemented in August.
And Najib quashed talk of petrol price increase on May 30th.
Lulu can't find the link, but remembers that shortly after the elections, the PM said that he has heard the rakyat, and there will be no price hike.

and we all know what happened later in the afternoon.
in spite of all that public declarations and assuarances.
so, how-lah they expect us to believe this?
as much as we would like to believe it, the days of believing in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is gone. gone-gone-gone.


Kok Ben said...

Awww... add one more fact can ka?

12 February AAB said no dissolution of parliament at 13 Feb one leh...~~

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

I think the PM gave the assurance to cool down speculation of possible further increase in Aug.

But we learn the hard way many times that he usually mean the opposite on many things that he denied.

I was caught by surprise, and I hate this kind of surprise..


CaptainCaveman said...

I am very disappointed with our PM and BN government as a whole. Where is their credibility. Like you say, gone!

Anonymous said...

It is a given that ALL Politicians lie through their teeth. But this beloved leader has to take the cake of it by being "Brazenly Lying with Watch-My-Lips" teeth or no teeth!

cherry tree said...

Badawi promise is about as valuable as a dirty rag. If he says no hike this year, he probably means no more hike to RM2.70 - but hike to RM4!

Anonymous said...

the day when Bn stops squandering the country's funds, then and only then there will be credibility in such statement.
but how can they when the whole BN system is supported by patronage, cronyism and corruption. How can UMNO survive without the patornage system? And how can UMNO ensures the component parties to remain submissive without sharing some of the spoils, albeit its more like crumbs and leftovers .

Anonymous said...

So in Malaysia, Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister can lie openly?

Wow. What kind of country is Malaysia?

wits0 said...

One should have no illusion about Gomen public declarations and assuarances and what they're worth.

Just because that Bad awi looks dry and hoary does not mean he's not gleefully mischievous inside. A gravel face is not indicative of seriousness or a hard life.

Billy said...

All I have to say is this. At the end of the day, the country and its people have been ROM-PAK-LAH!!!!!

wits0 said...

PM's real face :