Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lulu Wonders If The PM Is Aware Of The Suffering He Has Brought Upon These Children

[written by Azmi Sharom, not Lulu]
Listen, everybody, I must speak to you,” said the man.
“Not now, Papa, we are reaching level five,” said the boy.
“No, now,” said the man.
The sombre tone of his voice cut through the shrill screams from the video game. The children and the woman looked to the man, their normal indifference suddenly replaced by unfamiliar concern.
Seating himself, the man leaned on his elbows and stared at the floor.
In a voice quivering with barely suppressed emotion, he started to speak.
“Darling, children, I am afraid we ...
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Anonymous said...

Lots of people are wondering when the next meal is coming from, while the rich are wondering where to go overseas for their holidays. And of course the corrupt are wondering where to stash away their illegal earnigs

sp lim said...

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