Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lulu Wonders If Any Action Would Be Taken Against Bung Moktar

One of the Speaker’s reasoning for the barrier and the retriction was that there was no telling who could enter under the pretext of being a member of the media.
He rebuked MPs (targeting Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah)) for not adhering to Standing Orders, of detouring from the issues at hand and raising irrelevant topics. “Wait first, be patient," he admonished the MPs who tried to raise the Press restrictions in a rather long, pedantic lecture on the need to not misuse the application of the Standing Orders.
[from NST]
However, the barricades were bizarrely, just as abruptly as they were erected, by Bung Radin Moktar, the BN Backbencher’s Club deputy chairman. Bung Moktar’s unconventional act could be perceived in two ways – he was brazenly defying the Speaker’s ruling or he was at his populist worst. "We think the media has a role to play without any obstruction. We were not told about this so we are removing it. We have no permission but we are doing it anyway," Bung Moktar intoned as he removed the barricades.
NST DEWAN DISPATCHES: The Parliament needle and the damage done to the Press
pix from the Star

If the barricades were there to keep our Parlimentarians from danger, then Bung Moktar has endangered the lives of our lawmakers.
If it was Fong Po Kuan who removed the barricade, Lulu does not doubt that the Speaker would have had her suspended.
Lulu wonders if any action would be taken against Bung Moktar.


KaKiaYam said...

He justify this ruling a day earlier and now he eagerly remove the barrier himself. That shows how idiotic he is.

And why you need 5 person rushing over to remove the barrier? I wonder if they would do the same if the camera weren't there....These guys are such opportunists


CK said...

wat can you say abt bung mokhtar? i see his face on tv i wanna punch him and smack him right there. such a shame.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. your mr.speaker pandikar is:

1. not clever enuf to forsee folly of his shoot-from-hip overnite hare-brained policies

2. not brave enuf to admit he was wrong

No brains & no brawn. Time to change yr speaker?

Anonymous said...

Quite obvious thats a cheap show..

Don't yr "bung" politician know he looks stupid while "acting macho".

hahahahaha... posers!

Damocles said...

This country is run by a bunch of no-brainers.