Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lulu Wonders How MIC Is Using IT Experts To Tackle Online Allegations

KUALA LUMPUR: The MIC has hired two information technology (IT) specialists to rebut allegations against the party on the Internet.
“We would make sure that the allegations are replied to within 24 hours,” president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said here at the 62nd Selangor MIC delegates conference here on Saturday.

come on-lah... if someone poses questions on
- the management of Maika
- Telekom shares beneficiaries
- the oppresion of Makkal Osai
- marginalisation of the Indian poor
- MIC's stand on HINDRAF
- TAFE College
- Samy Vellu's hairstyle
you seriously think 2 IT specialists would know how to reply to these issues? would they have enough MIC content and knowledge in them to be able to expertly and specialist-ly rebutt the allegations?

101 thoughts are springing out of Lulu's little mind. amongst them
1. why [lulu's rolling her eyes as she types this] would you need to hire expensive IT specialists to do a job that even a lulu like Lulu can do?
2. if they know enough, would they have enough freedom to reply the truth?
3. er... wouldnt it make more sense to hire fiction writers if you're looking for people to rebutt the allegations
4. would the IT Specialists be mere scribes, requiring no greater skilss than that of a typist typing out what the master dictates?
5. would it be a cheaper option to do it the azalina way - providing cyber trooper jobs for the umemployed [ read: cheap labour]?
6. is there some sinister agenda in hiring specialists with skillsets to take over your blog?
7. for real-ah, these IT specialists?



novice101 said...

Why are those in the MIC not prepared to do the thinking themselves, instead are getting 'hired hands' to fight their war?

The lackadaisical attitude displayed thus far shows how much weight they place on the people's needs.

Samy Vellu says he is the one who knows best what the Indians need. He has already done his work - he has given them the privilege cards. All Indiands should be happy and satisfied now, 'Daddy Samy' has spoken.

LC Teh said...

Pretty simple... MIC style solution.

The IT experts will trace the URL of the blokes who get too close to the truth, send thugs out to terrorize them, like they always did successfully in the past. Problem solved!

anthjoe said...

Lulu, you are mistaken.
Samy knows that very few in MIC even knows that weblogs exists. They only listen to the 'tailaivar'. How do you explain he is still calling the shots. Unlike UMNO, MCA and Gerakan, Samy should take the whole blame for MIC's failure in PRU12. He was the only one calling the shots. Even great oratearian Devamani (CH) is walks anly when samy says.
Do you think this proposal will take off. Don't forget he is the first leader to take down delegeate's proposal in his lap top (or was it palm top?). He used to act in dramas during his youth. He is yet to stop the acting.
See whether the counter this?

< naga > said...

I have a strong feeling that the IT specialists were set up to investigate my article, Bashing up Putera MIC. *winks*

Read this and you will know what I mean:

bmahendran said...

im all ready ;)

bring it on dear 'Experts' :D hehehe

bmahendran said...

im all ready ;)

bring it on dear 'Experts' :D hehehe

CK said...

very interesting.

how to answer about samy's hairstyle ah? i think Lulu also dunno how to answer this. hahhaa

Angry Taxpayer said...

For RMM500K re-branding of an already dead horse, Semi has to find reasons to justify that big amount....not sure whether there's even the IT specialists in existance.