Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lulu Was Very Concerned For The Petrol Station Operators Who Tiba-Tiba Have To Enforce the No Petrol Sale to Foreign Cars

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad used his power under the Control of Supply Act to direct and ban the sale of subsidised fuel to these foreign cars. This applies to petrol stations located as far as 50km from the border.
["used his power" is not a figment of Lulu's imagination, but a quote taken from here]
The announcement was made on Monday, and was expected to be enforced on Friday the very same week.

Friday came, chaos ruled and the enforcement retracted. Now DPM says the decision to ban the sale of subsidised petrol to foreign-registered vehicles will only be finalised on Tuesday.

Lulu thinks the ministry was very shortsighted in executing this control.
It is easy for people like the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry Kedah director Salleh Maamor to say that operators must ensure that the benefit was only enjoyed by Malaysians and not outsiders, and that petrol station operators in border towns in Kedah should make it their responsibility to “protect” fuel that is subsidised with the people’s money.
There is no denying that with the ban, the operators will be affected. Operators on both ends of the country expressed their concern that it would affect their businesses.
To place the onus on the operators to not sell petrol to foreigners in a time where prices of everything is going up and at the same time they're losing business is really unfair to them. The government, [whether by imposing this ban or by having a dual pricing system] opens them to a lot of temptation to sell foreigners subsidised petrol at a black market price and pocketing the difference. Please understand that Lulu is not saying that petrol station operators are a dishonest lot, its just that the government is dangling a huge temptation in front of them, taking into account the current scenario. It's really not fair to them.

Lulu hopes the government will properly evaluate how to implement this.
Or maybe accept that it's easier said than done.
Maybe what the government could do is to only allow cars with full tank of petrol to enter our country. If they have to refull, they're only refilling whatever they consumed in Malaysia.


aawilliam said...

Follow lah Singapore style,when their cars came over here,Sometimes old method can still be use wat!!!

ck said...

The Tiba-Tiba ruling on the no petrol sale to foreign vehicles will also affect a lot of other business in JB. Singaporean don't come to JB just for petrol la.

Seems that our ministers never changed, implement things without giving serious analysis especially if policies gonna affect a lot of people.

They like to tiba-tiba make announcements to implement this or that. They run the country like firemen....

Anonymous said...

Sigh*. This BN fakes still making haphazard policies after 50 years?

And they have the cheek to say PR lacks experience??

Looks like PR is leaps & bounds ahead of BN...

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the cars entering from the north. but down south.

before every Singapore car enters Malaysia, the car has to be 2/3 tank full.

pump 1/3, bring family in to eat, to holiday to shop will definately boost retail, restaurant business down south, Lulu is right in pointing out the people's plight.

pity Lulu not in gomen.


Hitam Had said...

I think the BN should pay you for coming up with a viable solution to the problem regarding foreign vehicles which can fill up with unsubsidised fuel at entry points or pay a fuel tax.

The Customs & Excise can step up anti-smuggling activities to stop illegal exports of subsidised fuel which is a bigger problem than tourists and foreign businessmen driving into Malaysia.

As usual, the control (or lack of ) is at the exit points, by the Customs & Excise. Somehow, I don't think it will also work as the C & E cannot even administer Sales and Service tax collections properly. I mean, consumers don't get a tax invoice with the Authorised Tax Collectors reference number on it for subsequent checking purposes!!!


denzook said...

just ban lar, why that dpm suka main flip flop decision. just becoz some malaysian with sg pr suka bising till the gov yielded to the request. come on, these ppl din pay tax to malaysia, earn sg $$$$ and wealthy enuf to own car, but yet complaining that they should have the right to purchase subsidied oil. this is the same ppl that criticize wealthy malays entitled 7% discount for house, but yet do not look into themselves. shame on them! i sokong the domestic trade decision to ban. whether 3/4 or full tank, it should enuf for them to travel JB to shop and eat, don spew rubbish that you need > 3/4 filled tank to drive around, they're seriously need to change their lifestyle with oil price hike looming.

Anonymous said...

I personally think Sharif is playing to the public gallery. Sharif as the JB MP should now that the typical Johoreans dislike S'poreans. As such, such a measure was to drum up some public support.

Lulu's recommendation is good and appropriate. It's not possible to check for full tank while entry, as there could be a terrible jam at the causeway. Two hours of traffic jam for a 2km distance is normal during holidays and weekends.

While I personally dislike S'poreans travelling to Jb for food, shopping and entertainment (women), stopping them from buying petrol is terribly shortsighted.

Tom Cat said...

Obviously Shahrir did not think through whether such a ban or even non-subsidized pricing for foreigners is practical or not. And obviously, such moves are really unworkable and not policeable as shown by the chaos on implementation.
A very simple solution is to just impose a vehicular entry tax each time a foreign vehicle enters Malaysia and ensure the money collected goes back to defray the fuel subsidies. Maybe an amount of RM25 per car, RM2-RM5 per motorbike , RM50 per lorry etc or some affordable amounts that the experts could work out...

Shazlan said...

Well, I support the move from the theoretical point of view. Why should our tax money (read: subsidy) be used to those who does not pay tax? It just doesn't make sense. Implementation wise, it won't be as easy, though. Probably, the government should come up with a system where people who wants to get subsidized fuel must present their MyKad first... It's like the Touch N Go system, whereby if you touch your MyKad to a sensor, your fuel price will be subsidized. If not, you'll pay the market price.

ksq said...

if the idea is to not giving subsidy away to foreigners, just formulate a different fuel price for foreign vehicles nationwide. plain and simple.

no 50km ban, no peeping into fuel meter b4 entry, no need to show mycard, no involvement of Mr Custom 'Reliable' Officer and no abuse whatsoever.