Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lulu Thinks NST Is Being Plain Outright Nasty

Realising the high expectations of an electorate that had been so riled with the previous administration, Lim's administration started off by trying to discredit what Gerakan had done in the 18 years it was in power.
He pulled no punches in attacking Koh's administration, starting off with alleged land scams, which Lim claimed had cost the state millions of ringgit in losses, then moving to the Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project, which the state government revealed had never been approved.
Even the wives of former assemblymen were not spared when they were accused of not following the correct procedures in dissolving Pertubuhan Bunga Tanjung and transferring RM350,000 from its coffers into the account of the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti).

Lulu does not think that LGE took the tactic of discrediting what the Gerakan had done in the past 18 years.
And when he was talking about the "alleged land scams", he was looking for answers on how land was "sold" at such incredulous prices.
and the wives.... ooo the wives.... once again, they were looking for answers.

NST is running a 100days in office series.
The way NST has written it, well... their intention looks pretty obvious.
Lulu wonders if they had written this bit on top, or was it written someone whose job is dependant on his political masters.


Anonymous said...

they have to cari makan lah. what to do but to report as what the bosses want. and we all know who are the real bosses behind Nasty Pee. bY the way, stil boycotting Nasty Pee since the day the paper initiated the suit against Jeff and Rocky.

Anonymous said...

The 'dirt' accummulated over the years under the bn govt cannot be wiped cleaned within 100 days. It is not a matter of just waving the magic wand. At least, the streets in Penang are cleaner now.

ycg said...

mebbe lulu can do a similar report card for BN leading malaysia after 50 yrs. wait wait...the the list will be very long like tat...wait your readers zzz, why not do it for the past 5 yrs?
1. eradicate corruption - see no light. far worse than ever
2. eradicate poverty - arrr....hmmm...
3. improve public service - slight improvement cos last time use to pay under table, now over table bulat bulat give...save time.
4. reduce crime rate - @#*&(^%$#%^&

pls add list of fuc* ups

Kok Ben said...

Talking about the wives...

has PBT de-registered?

Tan Sri Dr Koh: Aiyah few hundred thousands only lah... Don't deny what I've done to Penang OK? :D

Antares said...

As far as I know, Lulu, NST and The Star (along with Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia and the Chinese papers) are still owned and operated by the same people pre-GE12. Who are these people? The Sore Losers Club. Like a cancer they won't let go of their host body until it dies. Guess I'm just lucky I never allowed the cancer to get even a toehold on me - the last time I subscribed to the NST was perhaps in 1974 for about a year - and those were far happier days (when I was still politically unconscious). Even then I only read the papers for the entertainment news and comics; and my kids wanted to know what was on TV.

lucia said...

yes there's no freedom in the media actually. reporters have to kow-tow to their towkay so can't really write what they themselves want to write.

please sign the memorandum for free information then!!

Anonymous said...

Why focus on 100 days of PR rule and then close 1 eye on 50.5 X 365 = 18,433 days of corrupt umno admin?

Anonymous said...

100 days of unfulfilment compared to 50 years of broken promises. Your choice??


Gan said...

I pity those poor flers who got the credit for the series ...

pozdny said...

Well, you know how the chinese take shit from all sides and turn out to be competitive (aka better)? So, proly NST is doing the Pakatan government a favor by forcing them to be on their toes and give us the best!

I really hope that'll be the case.

wits0 said...

Aliran excellent response to this NaSTy spin:


myop101 said...

need not be too upset. PR govts have to work 3 times harder to prove a point. it's ok because they will yield 3 times the result by doing that. with that contrast, i think any tom, dick and harry should know who has been doing real work within the constraints that they have and who haven't with the kind of freedom they have.

carboncopy said...

Citizens should be critical of their government no matter who is in government.

But, what kind of report card is NaSTy dishing out? Subjective to no end.

Come on, how would you feel if your child's report card is so subjective?

Please, there're many empirical methods to evaluate government of the day. Make us of them, lazy NaSTy journalist!

Anonymous said...

I can feel it in my bones. I believe the Federal Government will increase traffic fines to say RM1K or RM2K per infringement.

Then give a bonus to Police men who turn-in corrupt Malaysians who try and pay their way out of trouble. Say 5X the ateempted bribe.

Then charge the person in court, and charge him 10X the bribe.

This will definitely get all Malaysians to be more obedient about the traffic laws.

At least, we know that UMNO can still figure ways that the Malaysian public can be taught a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Why not the Government improve public transport? If the public transport is better, people drive less and less chances for corruption. Less congestion and more space for people than cars. Again we are brainwashed by BN especially Mahatail to have cars and national cars. Petrol prices will not drop and will get more expensive. We should plan for cheaper public transport than PRIVATE cars!!