Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lulu Is Concerned That There Are Those In PKR But Forget They're In PKR And Behave Like It Was The Good Ol Umno Days

Senior aide to MB Khalid Ibrahim, Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri was suspended after he failed to inform Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim of money collected for the state government’s 100-days-in-office celebrations. Ezam Noor terbongkar-ed that the money collected was banked in to PKR's accounts. Lulu can understand if the party is doing fund raising, but letters for corporate donation were sent out under the guise of Selangor State government, using the government's letterhead.

Before that, the Anti-Corruption Agency had investigated allegations that Yahya improperly facilitated the approval of cleaning and garbage collection contracts in Petaling Jaya. The ACA cleared Yahya of any bribery but said his action was of “improper conduct.”

And he is not alone in the "improper conduct". Selangor Today has a scanned copy of a letter sent to the Kajang Municipal Council giving sokongan to a company to melaksanakan kerja-kerja penyelenggaran. The surat sokongan comes with a letterhead from the MB's office, and is believed to have been signed by one of the setiausaha kerajaans.

“Party Warriors” had complained about being sidelined by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's administration in the appointment of local councillors. They felt that these positions were due to them for their years of service and their perjuangan for the party. They fail to see that it is about making our community a better place to live in, not a place to glamour title/positions and having people come bodek you. Criterea of local councillor does not only consists of braving water cannons and beatings and being loyal to PKR.

These actions disturb Lulu. Dont you agree with Lulu that their actions and thinking reek of UMNO?
Its a pity there are still some who carry with them the habits of their UMNO days.
Lulu is worried about those who are in PKR but forget they're in PKR and behave like it was the good ol Umno days
Lulu does not envy Khalid and co who has to weed them out, and rehabilitate those who are still teachable and give them Ezam's number to those who aren't.
The question is, will Khalid do it?

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penyapujagat said...

Lu,lu, gua caya lu.
Let me dissent.

In a place where hardcore party worker being teased not being appointed to any post and someone from BN is. The act is so demoralizing.

I would like to quote on Abraham Maslow heirachy of needs on self esteem - the second highest level before self actualization.

Anonymous said...

Now Selangor PKR exco cakap cakap kosong. Not that they will act on any complaints by the rakyat. Sia sia undi them

KTemoc said...

leopards and spots ;-)