Friday, June 13, 2008

Lulu Hopes The Police Wont Hurt Them

the fuel hike, though necessary, has really hit the middle income and below Malaysians.
Prices are going up because of global forces and capitalists greed, and you don't know if yout paycheck can cover for your family's necessity. It's really frightening when you have house payments/rentals to pay, car loans and a family to feed.

And a lot of frightened people are out there around the Kg Baru mosque, Chow Kit and Sogo area.
They are not frightened of the police. What scares them is the thought on how to cope in such difficult conditions.

Earlier this morning hundred of Federal Reserve Unit members were stationed at the Kampung Baru mosque and its surrounding areas.
Also in the vicinity is a water cannon truck and four FRU trucks.Several roads leading to Kampung Baru and other roads in the city have also been blocked by the police.

After the prayers, Malaysiakini reports that over 2,000 people have taken to the streets.
Malaysiakini's latest update reports that at Sogo, the crowd of about 1,000 people decided to conduct an impromptu sit-in in the middle of the busy Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, forcing traffic to a standstill.

Lulu hopes the police will not hurt them.
Lulu hopes the police will understand the fear and pain they are going through, and allow them to voice their heartache and protests.
Lulu hopes the lousy government is not so out of touch from the average Joe that they will be able to understand the burden that many feel.
Lulu hopes the police will not hurt them.

Update 3:57
Lulu's glad it didnt get ugly
Malaysiakini reports that
And at Sogo, the crowd of about 1,000 people decided to conduct an impromptu sit-in in the middle of the busy Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, forcing traffic to a standstill.
After a short while, following a brief speech by Salahuddin, the crowd dispersed from the area.
However a small group of them continued their march towards the PAS headquarters located about a kilometre away in Jalan Raja Laut. Many others, numbering several hundreds, joined in with this march as well.
The crowd then dispersed peacefully upon reaching the PAS building, after once again hearing a short reminder from Salahuddin for the crowd to participate in the July 5 mass rally.

pictures from malaysiakini


Malay Women in Malaysia said...

My friends who were observing the protest from their office windows reported that the police didn’t do anything silly that can provoke the demonstrators. The police are there just to make sure that things won’t get out of hand. Good!

By the way, what is the point of protesting anyway?

Personally, I find that fuel price hikes are inevitable. Can anyone argue with me on that?

Malay Women in Malaysia

nissy said...

talking about armed forces (police), do you think they salary is enough in this fuel crisis? I hope this won't lead to more rasuah cases.

Anonymous said...

Dear, I think some people read your blog & u gave them hints liao.....

becoz me checked d traffic online, cannot access area near Sogo ...
cameras been disabled? censored?

Anonymous said...

dear malay women ,

shud or shud not is a very very personal view ...u can argue until kingdom come lar

the thing is tat ppl at large feel a real hard pinch n wat v shall discuss is on wats the best plan to face the scarcity lar (it has nothing 2 do wif bullshit loss/bankrup ya)

Anonymous said...

Price hikes/increase is inevitable as it is caused by market demand and supply. But why are PEOPLE demostrating is becos people are fed up, being bullied, being disregards becos a few people have sucked away billions and billions of ringgits for their own damn purpose and there4 have to rob the PEOPLE for survival. PEOPLE all over the world will not protest or demostrate just for that. THEY have a reason and the goment should look at why. All the commissions, toll collections, the overrun in costs passed on to the PEOPLE, the wasteful spendings and so on and so on.

Najib just returned from London, can he give a trip report and what was achceived from the trip. Same for that ZUL....He went to germany with datuk banday, what mileage do we get from that. Give a report please.

The police did not take action becos they also know that at the end of the day and becos of the PEOPLE's action, WE all get some mileage, the police also benefit from it. They are also human but what to do, they have to follow stupid orders to keep their job to feed their wife, children.

Without all the hue and cry, do you think the goment will say they will reduce the ministers' allowance and to go holiday only within ASEAN countries????

Just remeember, every action has a reaction

Anonymous said...

that looks more than 2000
looking forward to july 5th.

huey mei said...

is good 'they' didnt hurt... them....
but 'they' block all their way.