Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lulu Doesnt Really Know What To Say About The Petrol Price Hike

Lulu can still trim on her spending and probably save a little less.

But what about those who've already done a few rounds of "change lifestyle"?
those who have already taken up a second job?
who have already changed the car for a bike?
who have already started living on Maggi Mee, an egg and a bit of vege?

And for what?
because the government can no longer afford it?
because the subsidy money can be put to better use?

And in the meantime,
- our PM still jets around in a totally unecconomical personal jet which was leased [not bought, he says with great indignant] from a GLC with terms which are probably like the toll concessions. If it cost us RM792K during the 2 weeks of elections covering local destinations only, can you imagine how much it costs a year?
- we spent RM39.11mil on the first "angkasawan", and we still want to continue spending money on training #2 even though the space programme looked to be “as good as grounded” after Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili revealed there was no money left for it.
- it doesn't end there. we want to spend an undisclosed sum on buying the Soyuz capsule boarded by Malaysia’s first Angkasawan.
[if you are free today/tomorrow, Lulu suggests you take a drive to that hotel in Glenmarie where UMNO is having their pow-wow and report back what sort of cars these "ubah gaya hidup" advocates are driving]

This is the same government who is going to take the money not spent on petrol subsidy and "put it to good use".

Lulu really does not know what to say.
I really worry for those whose belt are already so tight.


Shawn Tan said...

not sure if you've seen this video.. ubah gaya hidup..

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

lulu, thank you for worrying for people like me.

Anonymous said...

i will have to go to the belt shop to trim the length again so that it can hold my pants from falling down. more tightening ok.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for Micheal Chong.

Dear Micheal, as a result of the sudden FUEL hike which your party says, and reacted very little, I had to borrow from Ah Long just to pump petrol before the hefty fuel price hike. please help me to pay.

thank you.

Another one for the Civil servant.

Fear not you 1.15 million civil servant, for the fuel hike will be borne by the 1.14 million tax payer, just you wait for your increase in allowance. of course you'd have to appreciate the government for having the foresight to tax the 1.14 million people to feed you 1.15 million.

be thankful.

Here's one for them top honco politicians.

How will this sudden increase on Cost of Living affect your lifestyle? will you be tightening your belt just like the rest of Malaysians? will you still be taking these unecessary unproductive "official trips" overseas? leading an international jetsetting lifestyle? eating a bowl of "birds nest" soup per day? having BOTOX job done, then pretening it didn't happen? sending your child to UK to do his Air Levels? it was reported back recewntly that kerispudding will be sending his17 yr old son to UK after his ORDIN ARY level certification. to "study" or is it a sign to corek, corek more from the people?

for people like you and me.

high cost of living = low standard of living

huge pretax profits for petronas, tnb = lower tax for your boss = no bonus or ang pow

more job loss is expected, higher crime rate, more social ills.

please appreciate the BN gomen, for you are still living in Malaysia and not working as maids in Indonesia.

Sharing said...

Can anyone tell how this kind of decision on price increase be come up?
Any survey and analysis been conducted, published, discussed and approved before it can turn up?

wits0 said...

Change lifestyle? First of all you have to have a lifestyle. The keyword is "style".

What sort of lifestyle do we actually have, in the first place? (The malay word "gaya" is suggestive of being something frivolous or luxurious).

I've seen poor people from low cost housing areas buying fishcake by the pieces instead of a whole pack of 5 which costs merely 2 bucks or so in the past and garlic by the bulb.

If you own a car, that does not mean you have a "livestyle", just a better and safer alternative than a motorbike. And in most cases you can't live without a mode of transportation. There is also an aphorism that says that as you grow older you shouldn't opt for a bike just like one that says that frequently climbing ladders (like as an electrician) close to 50 isn't recommended. Which brings us to the Gomen raising the retirement age to 58 as something that is good for for a deskjob only!

So for the middling average worker, what lifestyle have been actually possible, especially in high cost areas like in most big towns and cities?

Clear now to all how much the Gomen has lost touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

No need to change "life-style". Just change the Government, easier!!


wits0 said...

Yes monk, just don't wanna spoil anyone's fun by letting out the ending plot of a great movie. Except that his is no movie but a real life experience and the pain felt is a great motivation that is required for some complacent people who didn't want to face the situation squarely earlier.

munirah hayati said...

yes, i second monk - let's change the government!!!! it's our only option