Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lulu Does Math [Yet] Again

Mathematics is not just 1+1, 124687634-456872, 4687x4867452
It's not just arithmetics.
Mathematics is the search for fundamental truths in pattern, quantity, and change. [sounds profound-yah? Lulu copied it from wikipedia-lah]

One of the things we learnt in Form lulu-forgot-what was this lulu-forgot-what-it-is-called diagram.
Does it look familiar? It helps us do mapping and identify relationships.

The Pakatan agreement was that out of the 24 MBPJ councillors, there were to be
4 from PAS
7 from PKR
6 from DAP
7 from NGOs.

The Star lists the following
1. Mohd Halil Haji Harun – Petaling Jaya Utara PKR deputy chief
2. Syed Abdul Malik Syed A Hamid Al Jafree – Subang PKR deputy chief
3. Thiruvenggadam Aamuthu – Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR deputy chief
4. Halimey Abu Bakar – Kelana Jaya PKR Youth chief
5. Mahharul Ismail – Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR Secretary
6. Latheefa Koya – Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR treasurer
7. Tang Fuie Koh – Petaling Jaya Utara PKR treasurer

1. Michael Soon Kwai Choy – DAP
2. Mak Khuin Weng – DAP
3. Robert Tan Siang Chok – DAP
4. Tiew Way Keng – DAP
5. Francis Chang – DAP
6. Ramakrishnan Suppiah - DAP

1. Ahmad Yusof Ludis – PAS
2. Ghazali Shaari – PAS
3. Kamarudin Suhaimi – PAS
4. Muzammil Hafiz – PAS

1. Dr Melasutra Md Dali – Urban planner
2. Chan Chee Keong – Social activist
3. Richard Yeoh – Transparency International executive director
4. Anthony Thanasayan – Representative of the disabled community
5. Cynthia Gabriel – Suaram executive director
6. Derek Fernandez – Environment activist and lawyer
7. Paneer Sivam - - Labour Activist

When Lau Weng San, Lulu's assemblyman, read the list in the Star, he was shocked to see the exclusion of the proposed representative from RAs. He blogged about it here A mockery for PR if partisan nominees appointed as councilors under NGO quota, and it has been picked up by the Star and Malaysiakini, and now, whatalulu. Weng San is unhappy cos for the hijacker to put in his +1, one of the NGOs was excluded, and from what Lulu heard, it's a residents association rep.

Weng san listed the following NGO-ers in the list, namely Richard Yeoh (TI), Anthony Thanasayagan (coordinator of Malaysians Against Discrimination of the Disabled), Dr Melasutra Md Dali (town planner), Cynthia Manonmani Michael Gabriel (Suaram), Derek Fernandez (prominent lawyer on local governance) and Paneer Sivam (labourer activist)

So, Lulu drew a lulu-forgot-what-it-is-called diagram to help her see who is the +1 whom a certain political party had slotted in their own people using the NGO slot.

ah... thanks to the beauty of Mathematics, Lulu can see who the +1 is.


Kok Ben said...

Ahhh... If I'm not wrong it's relation diagram... ;)

I think I saw it somewhere that Mr Chan is a very active social activist... as well as a very active PKR member...

Aiyah... too bad lor... he so happen to be a member of a certain party only, mah... ;P

What A Lulu said...

Kok Ben, i wish what you said was true, that he is truly an activist.
i did a search on him. there are a lot of people with the same name, but none of them sparked social activism.
i asked a few activists. they dont know of him.
those who knew of him associated him with his party, not of any social activism.

the disappointment with his inclusion was
1. that party went against their word.
2. to add him in, they removed one of the resident association's president.
under normal circumstances, if he is a good guy, i may have said, "never mind". but because of those 2 reasons, i felt compelled to say something.
i'm very disappointed.

given a choice, i wish i was wrong. i'd rather be wrong than disappointed.

Kok Ben said...

Yes I did google his name as well... and got rubbish instead... ;)

What also confuses me is that, does the Star not know this person is also a party's member? but the report from the Star chose to address him as a social activist only...

Tony Pua said it was last minute measure to remove an RA rep and substitute with him... citing "in order not to face objection"... No idea what it means though...

As for social activism thingy... no idea... ;) All the other non-partisan appointee have association... except, Dr Melasutra as a local planner and Paneer Sivam as a labor activism without mentioning which labor union / organization he is coming from...

What makes a person social activist huh? ;)

I'm not too disappointed, just feeling ironic... :)