Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lulu Cheers Project Petaling Street!

Lulu stumbled upon PPS [] when she was googling the words "petaling street" for makan.
ohhh.... a whole new world opened up to her!
You have your social political stuff, humor, family, giddy headed nothings, heavy hearted sob-stories and Lulu's favourite - food stuff.
Lulu didn't quite know how it worked, but there it was, with new links to click everyday.
PPS quickly became a part of Lulu's daily diet.

After some years of reading blogs and listening to how our ignorant ministers and umno youth leaders kutuk-mengutuk bloggers, Lulu thought, there must be something those bunch of bloggers are doing right cos they're getting critism and insults from stupid people. So, Lulu jumped on that blogging bandwagon.

ah.... Lulu's bandwagon was going at tortoise's pace. Lulu wondered if anyone was reading the blog. Then Lulu decided to figure out how to ping this PPS thing. Seriously, it's actually quite simple, even for a lulu like Lulu.
and from there, some of you clicked Lulu's ping. Discovered the world of Lulu. maybe some of you are enjoying the world of Lulu.
and it's all thanks to PPS.

Thank You PPS.
Thank You for introducing Lulu to so many blogs.
Thank You for bringing so many new readers to Lulu, some who have become friends to her.

Happy Birthday!


NoktahHitam said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Lulu, I suggest you take a look at

All newspaper (with RSS), political bloggers, MPs and other bloggers. Hope you have fun!

Antares said...

I love you, Lulu. Your syntax is so sexy.... aaaahhhh! xox