Friday, June 13, 2008

Is It Just Lulu, Or Did You Also Notice There Was No Date Mentioned?
"The leadership change will definitely take place at the right time," he said at a luncheon with government officials and community leaders.
when is "the right time"?
what defines "the right time"
who defines "the right time"?

and ok, this is not the U.S. and Lulu doesnt get to vote for her president. But those chaps in UMNO do. Don't they get a vote on who is to be the successor? Done deal already?


Alex Yap said...


Not only the UMNO chaps get to vote. I was asking myself why we get to choose our ADUN & MP but not our PM?

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Anonymous said...

lulu lulu...theres no such thing as paper-wif-ink rule here la..its the mouth of sum ppl at sum time at sum place tat count..tats the standard all the while wat..

wat la u...remember har! dun blur again

tan hengken said...

just like the so called social conract, who agreed to it? when was it agreed uopn? who defines it?

wits0 said...

From Bad to worse...and as if there's cause for people to revel over that!

Anonymous said...

THE ONLY DATE THAT MATTERS IS SEPTEMBER 16th, hence no date is given.

one knows doom when one faces 1.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Malaysian democracy...just more than 2,500 UMNOputras choose their PM. Not mine, anyway