Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can Someone Tell Lulu If Liow Is Really Saying Our Tap Water Is Safe To Drink?

cos really, in the interview with Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai in the Sunday NST, he filters his water via a dispenser, which Lulu guesses, boils the water first.

Q: Do you drink your water straight from the tap?
A: I drink it straight from the dispenser, after it has been filtered.
Q: How much does the filter cost?
A: I don't know. But our tap water is potable. We have a water surveillance system that checks the water potability from the reservoir right down to the tap. We get complaints sometimes because of leakages. In certain areas, the water pipes burst and impurities get in. Accidents happen.
Q: But otherwise, you as the health minister,
would assure Malaysians that they can drink water straight from the tap?
A: Yes
, because we have a team that checks on the quality of our water. But we do advise people to boil water. You see in the 1950s and 60s, we used to ask people to boil water before they drink it. But now we have reached such a level (of cleanliness) that we're confident our water is drinkable.
Q: So no need to boil?
A: At least go for a filter because the path of the water distribution channel is so long. Along the way some contamination may happen. I'm talking about JBA water. If you get your water from somewhere else, that's nothing to do with us. I think you better boil that kind of water.
Q: People who can afford a filter will get a filter but if they can't, how much do they have to worry?
A: We have to differentiate between the safety aspect and the visual aesthetic aspect. If the water is slightly discoloured doesn't mean that it's not potable. It can be murky but it can still be safe. It won't cause sickness.
Q: What do you mean by safe?
A: There's no heavy metal and E. coli. So far there are no reports of anyone getting bacterial infection from drinking our tap water.

ahh.... politician doublespeak.
He did it so well. He went round and round. "yes you can but". And he does not follow his own prescription. what is good enough for the masses is obviously not good enough for him.

btw, Lulu does believe that when our water leaves the reservoir, its clean and drinkable. But because of the age of the pipes in Selangor, the water gets contaminated along the way, making it unsafe to drink straight from the tap.
Lulu thinks Liow is either ill-advised, not too bright, too trusting, didnt do his homework, maybe even suffering from lead intake from the water he drinks or all of the above when he assures Malaysians they can drink straight from the tap.


Anonymous said...

yuhooooooooo. What you see is not what you get. You saw him drinking???

kittykat46 said...

What a lot of double speak !
Just 3 months as Health Minister, he sure is learning the art of spinning...

moo_t said...

kittykat46, politikus know how to spin from day 1.

Anyone notice the MOFO produce no solid scientific data? Don't worry, the bad karma of MoH will bring him down anyway.

denzook said...

even in sgpura, i don dare to drink the water straightaway from tap even they advised it's safe.

the minister is right, why need to invest sophiscated filter when you still need to boil water before you drink. however, of course the filter should do some obvious contamination - the water in selangor is yellowish from tap.

Shawn Tan said...

in my experience, each time the pipes in our area get 'upgraded', the water turns browner. when i first moved in, the water was clear, and now, it's not so clear anymore.

ps: how much water does JBA supply anyway? i thought that most of KL is privatised by the likes of PUAS and gang?

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Anonymous said...

Oooppppps,have we forgotten d safe sex advice by another MOH. Cakap lain buat lainlah.

Anonymous said...

True experience with drinking tap water:

In Penang apartment, I decided to try it. Can't be that bad, right? So I did, drink water straight from the tap - no filter, no boiling, 'cos poor fresh grad can't afford that.

About a week later, I fell sick with sore throat and thick phlegm. Went to the doctor and got meds, advised to drink lots of water. So I did.

It didn't clear up. Drink more water.

Then just so happened there was a church camp and I attended as a helper. And suddenly my illness started getting less...

Then I realized, I must have fallen sick due to the tap water I had been drinking! I drank bottled water at the camp, which meant I wasn't continually bringing in reinforcements for the bacteria attacking my system!

Some more so blur as to drink MORE tap water to cure myself.

On a not related, but sure to rile up Lulu note:

RM 18 Million A Year For Putrajaya Landscaping Maintenance

Anonymous said...

Water also they cant provide a proper one! What are they doing?

Damocles said...

"the water in selangor is yellowish from tap." - Denzook

For your info, the tap water in KL (Kuala Lumpur, not Kuala Lipis) is even worse.
I use a washing machine to wash my clothes and everytime, after the washing, I noticed that some of my clothes are stained a brownish colour and I have to wash out the stains by hand with a brush and bar soap.
My water filter is covered with a thick black layer of slime after a few days.
In Bolehland, we don't have security (the government is short of 60,000 police). Can you imagine how neglected the force has been to have this number of vacancies?
Our hosiptals are badly understaffed. Patients have to wait months for treatment by specialists. So, you may go in with a comparative minor illness and by the time you are treated, you be a serious case - that is, if you are still alive! Scans, like CTs also take a long, long time to happen.
The judiciary is also another mess.
Actually, is there anything that is not messed up under the BN?
The worst part of it is that we started out as a comparative rich nation with plenty of natural resources and now we are a basket case.
Where has all the money gone?
Also, it would be very interesting if someone were to ask the Minister whether he would prefer to be treated in our local hospitals, both public and private, if he has a serious illness or would he prefer to be treated overseas.
Remember, our health ministers have always been telling Malaysians that the local facilities are as good as any around the world but as far as I know the VIPs always go overseas for their treatment.

mob1900 said...

Another MaChAi hypocrite and a part-time sales man for Water Filters. He can't even answer a simple question on water safety, safe enoough to drink from the tap.
A yes or no will suffice but he goes around the globe at least twice before fooling the audience again with another 'tour'.

Since he's also a BN component, we should've known better, as BN stands for B. Najis. :)

ycg said...

essentially, this is what he meant:
The water is clean. You ordinary citizens can go ahead and drink it straight from the tap. It's good enough for you but not good enough for me. What do i care about you?!

Bunda said...

My drinking water is filtered twice, once by an external one that looks like a torpedo sitting by the main gate, and then once again by a Panasonic charcoal filter before boiling.

Whenever I backwash the external filter, you should see the gunk that comes out of it. Makes you wonder whether our so-called Health Minister knows what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm, just wondering if bookie has started to take bets on how long this idiot will last as the HELL-th MINISTER.


KaKiaYam said...

"Lulu thinks Liow is either ill-advised, not too bright, too trusting, didnt do his homework, maybe even suffering from lead intake from the water he drinks or all of the above when he assures Malaysians they can drink straight from the tap...."

for all your lulu's instinct, you are wrong this time. Datuk Liow is proposing everyone to use a good filter instead of boiling it. From the onset, isn't it clear that he has just joined the diamond water filter pyramid scheme?


Hitam Had said...

Lulu, Malaysians have to learn to be less gullible. We could die from the long term effects of drinking this so called potable water, whilst debating how drinkable it is.

For the well to do just filter, and then RO or distill it. For the others, we just have to come up with better checking mechanisms instead of relying on what the politicians tell us.

The real issue whether the food and water consumed outside the home is safe because you don't know where the water comes from.


anthjoe said...

Try drinking tap water in Port Dickson (District).
The government can send man to space, petronas can spend millions for Formula one. But to provide clean water - No MONEY.
Road repair (Non Toll ones), rubbish collection, water supply, providing electricity - what used to be the duty of elected government - everything is in deep shit!
Only god can save the country now.