Friday, June 20, 2008

ahhh.... You Don't Need Lulu To Tell You This

"honest dealings" are not a secret within the party. It's not like they did not know.
they hold it like a noose around your neck.
this is probably the #1 reason why most of their people, in spite of all the wrong doings and evil actions, stay loyal to UMNO and the BN.


KaKiaYam said...

sometimes, i wonder if the ACA dept is located within the PM building. The ACA has become a tool for the BN.

Similarly, the STAR has use at least one full page to bad mouth Yong.


Anonymous said...

ACA should be renamed APMEA-- Anti PM's Enemies Agency

myop101 said...

the empire strikes back...

Anonymous said...

Lulu u are so cleveeeer !!!

Anonymous said...

if i read the STAR correctly, various names were mentioned including the head of another BN component party in Sabah. He wasnt quizzed. Why only Yong?
Aint the message clear? Cross the path of UMNO at your own peril.
Still dreaming of Hong Kong style ACA?

kittykat46 said...

a) Yong is innocent. In which case ACA has embarked on a politically instigated witch-hunt


b) Yong is guilty. In which case BN has been instructing ACA to close both eyes over the case all these years.

Either scenario stinks.

These Bastards need to be kicked out of power ASAP.