Friday, May 02, 2008

Please Excuse Lulu While She Wonders

Pertubuhan Bunga Tanjung (PBT), the association of wives of Barisan Nasional assemblymen and MPs in the State, was dissolved last month and the RM590,665 in its coffers donated to charitable organisations.
Its former president Puan Sri Chui Kah Peng said PBT was dissolved on March 9 during its annual general meeting attended by 45 members, who represented three-fifths of its membership.
Chui, who was one of the founding members of PBT in 1992, said the members had decided that after BN's loss to Pakatan Rakyat, the association would not be able to carry out its objectives in the spirit in which it was founded.She said the meeting also agreed to donate RM220,000 to the Bureau on Learning Difficulties at its Bold-Bunga Tanjung Centre in Seberang Perai, RM350,000 to Bakti and the balance to the Penang Cheshire Home, Mental Health Association of Penang and Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Thursday May 1, 2008
Meanwhile, PBT treasurer Khoo Siew Ling in a statement yesterday called on Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi to apologise to Chui for allegedly posting in his Screenshots blog yesterday that Mount Miriam Hospital had yet to receive any amount greater than the RM2,572.63 that was paid in cash on April 1.

Lulu wondering-la...
Mount Miriam Hospital received that amount in cash on April1st. Lulu does not doubt it as the ex-PBT treasurer is able to produce an official receipt of the donation totalling RM2,572.63 for public view.
Lulu's wondering, why was it given in cash and not in a cheque?
Was it because the association, by then, had already been dissolved?
Were the funds disbursed before or after the dissolution of the association?
Was the funds handled by a custodian, or already channeled to BAKTI?
If it is already BAKTI's money, did Bakti committee meet and agree to the disbursement of over RM240K to Bureau on Learning Difficulties [BOLD], the Penang Cheshire Home, Mental Health Association of Penang and Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital,?
If it was handled by a custodian, then it makes sense that Mt Miriam received the money in cash, and now Lulu wonders if BOLD also received their RM220K donation in cash.

Lulu hopes Jeff will spare some time to meet up with these ladies. Maybe he can ask them some of Lulu's "wonder"ing questions. Lulu's trying to understand what happened and how it happened.
And Lulu still thinks that those ladies, by virtue of the constitution drawn up by themselves, should have been kicked out of the association after March 8th.

Lulu has not said anything about BALKIS because Balkis [and probably all things Khir-related] stinks and the stench makes Lulu nauseous.


kl said...


At best, a whole bunch of sore losers...

At worse, a whole bunch of crooks ...

wits0 said...

MI reports the flip flop, ha!

Anonymous said...

Methink, more pertinent than trying to 'redistribute' the fund is perhaps 'Why the urgent need to close the book keeping which can show how well managed the fund was during the good old days?' whispering9

bayi said...

All in vain. It has come to the stage that even if the BN-related associations are partially right, they are seen to be more self-righteous that anything else. They have gone too far to deserve any sympathy from the voters!

Too bad. I quite liked Koh Tsu Khoon for his gentlemanly handover of power to the opposition but his emotionally-charged wife is something else!

Anonymous said...

public debate... hahaha real bunch of desperado ar soh in penang

Edmond R said...

Hi Lulu,
First time writing a comment on your blog, but I have been peeping in almost everyday. Love your lulu-thoughts. About this Bunga Tanjung thing.
First of all, I have never heard of it before, even though I have been in Penang all my life. That goes to show how pathetic this society is. Secondly, if Bunga Tanjung is a charitable society, why is it that they have so much money in their pockets, and only gave away RM 2,000 to Mt Miriam, and then when Barisan lost, they have hundreds of thousands to give away? If they are really a charitable organization, then more money should be given out regularly, rather than in one big amount after their husbands lost. Very suspicious indeed, Lulu.
Do these Bunga Tanjung ladies think we Penangites are stupid? Geez.

Edmond R from Betel Nut Chronicles

CK Tan said...

haha.... ur small print is bril!!!

ermm... then donate by cash means that the money in the hand of a custodian lor... wah? good interest wor....