Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lulu Would Rather If The Government Showed Heart Instead Of Big Cheques To The Myanmarese

taken from Letters to Malaysikini, this is a letter from Alice Nah, executive committee member, Persatuan Kebangsaan Hak Asasi Manusia (Hakam) and a co-coordinator of the Migration Working Group.
May fled from Burma after soldiers raped her. If she is arrested, the nightmare begins again. Only this time, she may not be able to raise the money required to buy her freedom. She is already in deep debt.
Kyaw was arrested in 2007. He was kept in different detention centers for two months, and then brought to court. There was no interpreter. He was sentenced to five months imprisonment and two strokes of the cane. He will carry these scars on his buttocks for the rest of his life – Malaysia has branded him for his time here
In a raid last Wednesday in Klang, two days ago, we hear than fifteen children were arrested. They are from the Rohingya community, ethnic minorities from Burma, who are stateless. By accident of birth, and by acts of political power outside their control, they are ‘illegal’ everywhere they go. What will happen to these children?
Will they too, stay detained in detention centers for months, and then get deported to the Thai border? Who will pay traffickers for their release? Will they be sold to brothels or to individuals who will keep them, use them – for sex or as forced laborers – and re-sell them to other ‘private owners’, as has happened to others in the past? It is within our power to help these populations in distress. We are able to, we are obligated to, and we should.

from an Interview with Irene Fernandez Don't forget Burmese refugees here, PM told
Migrant workers lobby group Tenaganita said the government, through people’s volunteer corps Rela, cannot continue to oppress and repress the refugees at gun-point, as done by the military junta that rules Burma. Director Irene Fernandez said in a statement today that “more than 60,000 Burmese refugees with children are being hunted down with a form of vengeance by Rela and the immigration department”.“They are mercilessly arrested and detained (under) inhuman conditions in various immigration detention centres,” she stated
“Why are we arresting them and selling them as slaves or threatening them with deportation to Burma when we know that their lives will be at great risk, even of death? Is this not brutally inhuman?“ Knowing very well the deep political crisis in Burma and now, with the catastrophe (caused by) Cyclone Nargis ...We should start our humanitarian response to the refugees here by stopping arrests of all refugees and going further to recognise them as refugees.”


Anonymous said...

lulu, if you have watched ntv7 siasat coverage of this issue, you would be very very sad what our government did to these burmese (easier to write than myanmarese)

they are treated like slaves to be brought by people for all sorts of reasons. I still fail to understand what kind of policy is this? Why should we dump these people at the Thai border to be exploited by them?

Please let me know, if anyone happen to have recorded the NTV7 siasat (mandarin) on this issue. We need to expose/circulate this, for the sake of these exploited group of people.

novice101 said...

Show 'heart' only a few can see, show cheque, many can see- much publicity, photos splashed across the media!

Show compassion, only the refugees know, show cheque, the whole world knows!

Give refugees better food and shelter, only refugees know, presenting cheque, Asean members and the world community know!

Anonymous said...

Goto Siasat Mandarin

Choose Episode 45