Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lulu Was Wondering Which Stupid Minister Said This Stupid Thing

Lulu is outraged! need family consent in a bid to prevent them from being used????
this is taking women back to the days even before Tun Fatimah. Even she got to go out and fight wars for Malacca.
why do women have to suffer again and again because of the nastiness of men?
Why not propose that all men should have their mouths and hands taped when they are not with their wives in order to prevent all men / any men from corrupting the women?
shallow thinking!

[if you want to know who said it, click the news piece. Lulu always thought he was one of the better guys, but after this, his credibility has hit rock bottom. Lulu did wonder if he was set up cos you know-la, there's a war at UMNO, but it looks quite clear that he did say it]

Updated May6th
Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim clarified here yesterday that his proposal for Malaysian women to show a consent letter from their family or employer before travelling out of the country alone was only meant for those below 21 years of age.
“There's some misunderstanding. I was referring to boys and girls who travel on their own, especially those below 21 and who are still subject to the supervision of their parents. Women above 21 years old are adult enough.

hahaha! what a cop out! how many of those mules were below 21 years old? Kinda sad that Rais Yatim is pathetic.


wits0 said...

Masochist wimin "leaders" will go to any length to promote acceptance in a misogynistic society drowning in religiosity.

tzarina said...

I literally exploded when I read this. C4 is nothin' compared to this latest piece of crap from the chauvinist pigs that call themselves Ministers.

I asked some relevant questions which I hope I would get some answers to laugh at.

Malaysia bOLeh...

bayi said...

They need family consent for single women travelling abroad? How archaic! Just because a few women wanted a quick way to riches and got caught, the whole community of fairer sex is adversely shackled?

Come on, Law Minister. You have mre brains than this, I am sure (or wondering...).

novice101 said...

If this does not go through, the next thing he is going to propose is that every woman going abroad be forced to wear a chastity belt.
He must have thought as foreign minister, one of his jobs is to introduce ‘foreign’ ideas to the country. Once in awhile you do get some ‘gems’ from this minister from Jelebu.

Bunda said...

Hah, it just shows you what kind of numbskulls we have in the BN government.

Once you get over the indignation, you'd notice that our government ministers are even more stupid that George Bush!

Such suggestions are not only sexist, it is unConstitutional to enact such a law. What kind of lame brain do we have here? Sniffing too much glue, izzit?

Anonymous said...

Just wonder whether our new Tourism minister will follow such directive when she goes oversea????

denzook said...

get real, the ministry is being practical here - there's statistic that shows women usually got conned into drug business and end up victim. this is fact.

as borat said Dr Yamak of kazakh proved woman's brain size of a squirrel.

straits mongrel said...

The man showed his shallowness since the Coliseum cinema and Bok House days. i can forgive a lot of things, but once a person proves he's an idiot, there's no way i can trust him anymore.

Scary thing is, he's far fr alone in fed govt.

Hitam Had said...

I know of a married British Muslim woman (degree from a 1st class English U)who is not allowed to travel more than a specified distance from her home without the spouse's permission. She is living in England and dutifully obeys the husband's directive to this day.

Are our mindsets any different?


chickenfeet said...

err....i think he means well...although i doubt it's practicality.

educating the public on the modus operandi of these drug traffickers is much more useful than requiring them to ask permission.

anyway, I use to respect this fella too..especially when he was the de-facto law minister. but that was long long time ago..

Anonymous said...

I don't think those mules are conned - they are trying to make some money while traveling; and played the odds.
Rais Yatim is an IDIOT - nothing else to add to this worthless garbage.

Anonymous said...

what a stupid proposal


gonna be JOKE of the year !!!

glamour gal ...

Anonymous said...

Hoi Foreign Minister, is this a joke? 1st April is over. Try again next year. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

even a Lulu and A Richard have more brains than this rais fella. You think only women have been conned into traficking drugs? Men also. Why not have it for everyone?
What has Malaysia come to? Why did we elect this kind of idiot into our parliament? If this is passed into law, good luck to all fellow Malaysian women. I am not going home.

Anonymous said...

All these drug mules nonsense will stop once a few of them are hanged by the countries concerned, just as what malaysia has done to drug mules from australia

wits0 said...

The subsequent irony ensued when a spudhead does not get supported by fellow spudheads. He was seemingly getting too clever for them too, it seems.