Monday, May 12, 2008

Lulu Was Wondering About This Standing Thing In Parliament

Whenever an MP wants to ask a supplementary question or seek clarification during a debate, he/she would stand up, and if he is "lucky", the speaker would acknowledge his and allow him to interrupt.
Lulu's MP, stood up on two occasions during question time the first day, hoping to pose supplementary questions to some of the other queries raised. He takes it in good stride that he is unlikely to get a chance as supplementary questions during Question Time in the morning are usually limited to 2, and priorities tend to be given to those who are more senior in Parliament.

It seems to be quite a common problem for newbie MPs according to this article in the Stay Work cut out for newbie MPs.

One of the complaints from the newcomers was the difficulty getting spotted by the Speaker for a chance to ask a supplementary question or to interject during a debate.Chua Tee Yong (BN – Labis) has been trying for two weeks now, but has not had any luck.“I have not counted the number of times I have stood up. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to debate next Tuesday,” he said.In the case of N. Gobalakrishnan (PKR – Padang Serai), persistence finally won the attention of Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar. But things turned comical when he sat down just as his name was called.“Yang Berhormat duduk pulak (You have now sat down instead),” chided Wan Junaidi gently.Gobalakrishnan apologised saying he had not expected to be called after standing numerous times without success.
Khairy Jamaluddin, one of the names often mentioned in coffeeshops when discussing why BN kalah teruk, makes it seem so easy. Afterall, he got to interrupt when Lim Kit Siang, Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Wan Azizah, Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and Shahrir Samad were speaking.
btw, it's not like he's speaking intelligently either. He was cut down to size by Uncle Kit the other day, and today, he's ranting about PKR being Projek Khinzir Raksasa, forgetting that it was under UMNO's administration that a delegation had a lawatan sambil belajar to 3 countries, AND approved the project.
The thing is, the speaker calls him so often, it's beginning to look suspisious.

Pray tell Lulu, what's so special about this 1st time MP from Rembau that he gets called upon so often?

Update 8:30pm
Considering how many times Khairy was allowed to interject someone's speech, Khairy's refusal to make way in debate truly reflects what a brat he is.
Lulu love-love-love the responses from the other MPs
Zulkifli Noordin (PKR-Kulim Bandar Baru) stood up and said: "If scared, then don't be an MP. Might as well as just switch on the tape (recorder)."
Mahfuz Omar (Pas-Pokok Sena) then suggested that Khairy read his speech to Kemas kindergarten children if he did not wish to be interrupted before saying that PBN stood for Projek Babi Nasional (National Pig Project), drawing laughter in the House.


novice101 said...

Wonder why the new MPs don't get spotted except for ramble rousers like KJ and the'six million dollars' man. Who is the proposer and who is the seconder of the speaker? they were none other than AAB and Najid. So, what do you expect the speaker to do now. Toe the line - pick those who can keep BN's name in the news. Who else but those are the apple-polishers of AAB and Najid.

Anonymous said...

we take our hats off to the remarkable SIL. Such staying power . Such commanding presence !

an authentic "I M HERE !" Goliath amongst utterly lost davids !

or an epitath which reads " what can u do about it ? "

extra keen realistic observer

Anonymous said...

This MP... Monkey Prank

'Proof that us intelligent humans did indeed evolve from primates. And that idiots evolved from tigers.'


Khun Pana said...

Now , can we all agree that BN is Babi Negara or Babi Nasional ?
OK , it is a resounding yes

Anonymous said...

i still very mind the fact tat ppl start to welcome him immediately after his low-profile-hiding-in-the-womb since 8 March

bacteria is always bacteria and it should be kept under 'close monitor' AT ALL TIME until being put at 'distant place'

ha ha said...

KJ = Khinzir Jahat

Scott said...

Chatty monkeys must always seek attention and make noise maaaa...

Khairy Blog (of sorts)

Michelle said...

After this dismal performance by Khairy, I'd say that I concur with what Lim Kit Siang said the other day, "You're a disgrace to Oxford University".

Anonymous said...

I'm also wondering, why does PR MPs like to give way to him? who is this bugger that deserves so much courtesy but gives none in return?

Anonymous said...

Lulu should not worry about such MP because they are empty vessel and will not go far. Such tactics without sustance are just to score under the belt. A true MP should be able to talk about facts and figures and recommendation to improve the country. This MP from Ox will need a hundred years to be there.