Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lulu, Unlike Amirsham Abdul Aziz, Was Never Successful In Spotting Questions

Back in school, did you spot exam questions and study/memorise terra-terra what you spotted?
Say you're convinced that the question would be on photosintesis, and so you memorised everything about photosintesis and practically become an expert on the subject matter.
So, when the exam question is revealed to you on d-day, ah... photosintesis! and because you have spotted that, you are able to answer the question brilliantly.
However, if tiba-tiba, the question is on plant reproduction system, and because you had spotted photosintesis and therefore only studied photosintesis, totally neglecting everything else, you have nothing much to write. blank. susah-lah....

Lulu was NOT one of those who was successful in spotting questions.
Nope. An utter failure in that. Lulu's short journey of spotting was marred by failures, and hence, Lulu never got onto this "spot"ting boat.

Reading from Uncle Kit's blog and Malaysiakini, Datuk Amirsham Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department overseeing the Economic Planning Unit seems to have done a semi-marvellous job in spotting the questions in Parliament.
Some background to this. Before Parliament commences, MPs submit their questions to the various ministries who will prepare written answers to the soalan bertulis and "prepared text" for the minister/deputy for the soalan lisan. Two supplementary questions are usually allocated to each question during the question session. The MP who submitted the question is guaranteed one spot in the follow up question. The ministers or their deputies are usually have to answer the supplementary questions off the cuff as they are asked on the spot by MPs chosen by the speaker randomly, unlike the original question which gave them sufficient notice to prepare for the answer.

So, today, everyone's favourite son-in-law's written question regarding the NEP was answered by the minister himself who [o-wow!] was in Parliament today. The standard answer was given. No drama yet.
Drama began when Khairy asked his supplementary question over a statement made by the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (DAP-Bagan) on the NEP.
That one memang drama, but the mega drama was when Amirsham, in responding to the question, read from a prepared text to the supplementary question meant to be impromptu and extemporaneous.
Not only was the answer prepared, it was so prepared that it runs into two pages!

Lulu mentioned earlier that he seems to have done only a semi-marvellous job in spotting questions.
Semi because the answer to the subsequent question posed by Prof Ramasamy was shallow, of no substance and did not answer Prof's question.

Either Amirsham is a "spot the question" minister OR he was informed of the Khairy question earlier.

Uncle Kit has a more intersting take on this.
Read about the drama in Malaysiakini here.
The Sun calls it a "caught with his pants down" moment

This incident would have been funny had it taken place in a classroom, but it took place in Parliament, and the question and answer that followed was paved with evil intentions.

Updated 7:33pm
Lulu thinks KJ's explanation is pathetic!
"It is not planted, it's a supplementary question that I asked. The minister is a very intelligent man. I sure he has anticipated what might be the question," he added.
A question which began as whether the government is planning to change existing policies which were formulated based on the NEP spirit, especially those related to assisting the bumiputera could have led Amirsham to foresee a question on Lim Guan Eng's statement on NEP.
My goodness! Go watch this video. Watch his body languange and make your own conclusions. Note the hollow "no!"
And try not to puke at his "substance"


Anonymous said...

Fantastical, the favorite son in law can even move the whole tingkat empat to Parliament. In future, I suggest the ex-banker Minister and favorite son in law do away the wayang in parliament and save MPs valuable time by typing the whole Q and A one night before Parliament in session and release it thru Malaysiakini or Malaysia Today.Aiyo if an Oxford graduate and Minister want to cheat in an exam I am sure they can do better than this. Malu la saya lah.

Anonymous said...

...and the rakyat is paying for these clowns' salaries? And UMNO said they have learnt their lessons from the last GE? And these are the guys with titles to their names and we are suppose to respect them?!!! Pthui !!!!

Anonymous said...

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