Monday, May 19, 2008

Lulu Thought Only Children Tantrum Like That

It does sound like one, doesn't it? Like a schoolboy who didnt want to come out to play cos his "enemy" was in the playground. To a certain extent, Lulu can understand [thought Lulu does not agree] his frustrations with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Lulu wishes the Tun all the best, and that many, many UMNO members will emulate him.
Malaysiakini Mahathir quits UMNO


novice101 said...

Happy Days are Here Again!

Tunku and Tun Hussien left the UMNO mahathir created, because they had total disdain for what mahathir was doing. mahathir is now leaving the party he has created himself, because he could not get his way.

He hopes others will follow his example. It would be good to see how much of a support he has in UMNO. AAB now has the opportunity to put mahathir to rest for good, at least in UMNO.

mahathir’s arrogance knows no bound. This arrogance is a result of his bloated self-confidence in himself. He has convinced himself that he can do no wrong and his logic supasses all others’.

The logic and confidence which are built with no moral and spiritual foundation are now tumbling down. Malaysia is on the path of recovery from 2 decades of decadence. There is hope for Malaysia yet. Just imagine what people’s unity can do!

novice101 said...

Come to think of it, could it be another devious move by a devious mind? Could mahathir do this as a pre-emptive move? Could he have got wind of AAB wanting to take him to court on the Lingam’s tapes affair? He is doing this as a distraction and to dis-stabilise the government so that he can get off scot-free

Anonymous said...

dsai : tai lo, why let pak lah have the satisfaction of destroying the party you set-up in'88?

tdm : what? first my scenic bridge, then proton and now this? heck, i might as well destroy the party myself!

dsai : thank you! thank you!

Anonymous said...

novice 101

amen. i am with you on this. good riddance to a near dictator.

Khun Pana said...

Could be well his last and final tantrum there Lulu.
tdm pushed the "button" for umno's self destruction .
As said before , only umno's own kin be able to knock it down .
Lets wait for another 1-2 weeks for the effect to spreads.

***The good news - We dont have to attend the funeral of umno .

Anonymous said...

When human gets to some stages in his/her live, things get reversed!

Old man acts like children - has been proven clinically all over the world.

Normally, this is also the prelude to the last act of kicking the bucket.

And yet this 'senile' old man still want to throw in some racial hatreds & histrionics before his final acts!

Just prove that how evil this man is - till the last second.

meiyen said...


I'm so dizzy! my head is spinning!

novice101 said...

mahathir is trying to fan the issue so that he can get all the publicity. We, who are not in UMNO should not help him to fan the flame. From now on we should be more restrain in our response and reaction to what he says and does.

Don’t help him, don’t fall into his trap. Just stand aside and watch!

Satria Asia said...

i don't think lulu that tun was in a tantrum. nor was he cajoled or dared to resign. methinks it's already well thought about before he made the announcement.

Anonymous said...

"Old man acts like children - has been proven clinically all over the world." - Anonymous

Perhaps someone should push a huge tit in his mouth!