Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lulu Takes A Look At Today's Aturan Mesyuarat

did you know that other than the Hansard, you can find the list of topics to be discussed on
out of slight boredom at work [in spite of having 1,001 things outstanding], Lulu took a look at what was to be discussed.

This is a question posed by one of Lulu's most un-favourite MP.
48. PR-1211-L11561
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin [ Rembau ] minta MENTERI SUMBER ASLI DAN ALAM SEKITAR menyatakan apakah kesan penternakan babi terhadap alam sekitar, terutamanya dalam konteks pencemaran sungai dan udara.

Lulu hopes that the Kementerian will include in their answer the impact IF modern pig farming methodology was practised. And if the Kementerian is not sure what that is, they could contact the team from the previous Selangor state government who did lawatans sambil belajar to Bangkok, Amsterdam and Frankfurt [ref Malaysiakini here]. And if they're not sure who to look for, Lulu suggests you look up the bloke in the photo.


aawilliam said...

Wei!!!(Khairy)"katak di bawah tempurung" Oxford graduate ??

Anonymous said...

pordah! ini pun mau tanya... just google or wiki on intensive piggeries...

from oxford ke? my foot!

this mp is sure one REM-pit-BAU!


K. W. MAK said...

When supply for one meat goes out, demand and supply kicks in and prices for other meats go up because then everyone wants to eat the same meat.

Things will straighten itself out over time as farmers rear more of the lifestock that is in demand, but in the short term, prices of other meats go up.

In the long term, should there be any disease affecting one lifestock (bird flu, mad cow), the economic loss would be much greater as we would have a much larger stock of animals that needs to be culled.

There would be less meat options for the population, thus driving prices up again for the meat that is safe to consume.

Bottom line, we will see prices go up and down due to stupid resource management... and we will all sigh in resignation that it was yet another brilliant idea from Barisan Nasional.

Anonymous said...

Just pity the Oxford, hope that this bad apple(KJ) will not tarnishes their reputation????

myop101 said...

for a person who can't even differentiate what "send to hell" meant in the context of RPK's article, I doubt the quality of his questions will be able to raise the level of intelligence in the Parliament...

donaldghtan said...

Dear Lulu,
A good one.
I remembered that I got involved in the name "Oxford" was when I received a metal pencil box complete with a set square, compass and a divider. A pencil, an eraser, and a small ruler.
That was back in the 60s.
Am I from Oxford too?

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